Our Strategy

Our long-term business strategy to connect you to what matters most

Our 3 Pillars of Strategy

Our long-term business strategy is anchored on our purpose to empower societies and connect customers to what matters most. We have enhanced our strategic framework, built on three key pillars of Growth, Modernisation, and Responsible Business, and set out a three-year (2021-2023) roadmap to drive our ambition to be the trusted digital connectivity partner to all our stakeholders.

GROWTH fuelled by new market opportunities and segments

We aim to sustainably grow consumer and lead organic B2B revenue growth, as part of our strategic priorities to create long-term value for the company and for all our stakeholders

Innovating on our core to improve customer experience through MODERNISATION

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. We aim to consistently provide the best experiences for our customers, built on channel digitalisation and automated operations

RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS as the foundation of our way of work

We want to continue to be recognised as a leader on sustainable business standards and ESG practices in Malaysia, building trust among stakeholders and meeting the increasing expectations of employees,​investors, customers, and the society at large.

Here Are Our Promises to Our Customers

Best in Internet and Value

Deliver value to customers through innovative, personalised and relevant products and services, experienced seamlessly on quality, reliable and secure 4G LTE connectivity.

Promising Digital Customer Experience

Create innovative digital services and relevant self-serve platforms to enhance customers’ digital lifestyles.

Yellow Heart Sustainability Initiatives

Create equal opportunities for people, businesses and societies to benefit from connectivity, in a safe and responsible way to establish long-term trust.

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Our Business Strategy