Say it simply through Voice SMS

Press Release
January 30, 2005

Say it simply through Voice SMS

Introducing Malaysia's and South East Asia's first Voice SMS from DiGi, taking mobile messaging to a new level of communication

Kuala Lumpur, January 31 2005 - Industry trends show that text messaging is a daily staple for mobile consumers, but DiGi customers can now look forward to the mobile messaging avenue - the intriguing BubbleTalk message! Available nationwide from today onwards, DiGi prepaid and postpaid customers can send and receive voice Short Messaging Service (SMS).

BubbleTALK is a 'Click, Talk and Send' Short Voice Messaging Service (SVMS). This is a 'talk. listen and reply' messaging alternative to the 'type and read' service provided by SMS.

"With BubbleTALK, DiGi has taken messaging to a new high. Now, messaging comes with emotions with BubbleTALK's voice-SMS and breaks language barriers. And it will also be a simple and fun alternative for those who are not attuned to typing on a key pad with current text messaging," said DiGi's General Manager, Marketing, Mr Peter Tay

DiGi customers who wish to enjoy this service need to dial * followed by the number of the recipient. Customers can record their message for a maximum of 30 seconds. A BubbleTALK recipient receives a notification on their phones informing that they have a Bubble message from the sender.

The message directly appears on the screen as a Flash SMS to get the attention of the recipient. Recipients can choose to reply. A maximum of 10 messages can be stored at any time. The speed for BubbleTALK, especially on sent could be parallel to an SMS and almost instantaneous. With DiGi's HighSpeed Mobile, the service is faster and offers better quality.

BubbleTALK is currently available intra-network for DiGi customers only and customers will be charged 10 sen for each BubbleTALK sent. There will be no charges for those retrieving a bubble message. The beauty of the service is that no special handsets are required for it.

"DiGi is always committed to bringing you smarter mobile innovations that enhances our customers' lifestyles. BubbleTALK is simple, easy and fun to use and will definitely be a hit - be it at work, play or at home," stressed Mr Tay

BubbleTALK compliments two other lifestyle applications offered by DiGi which is LifeLogger and Friends Finder. LifeLogger is an exclusive website that allows DiGi subscribers to upload their multimedia content from their mobile phone to the website page via MMS. The multimedia content on LifeLogger can then be shared with an unlimited number of people. The charges for a successful posting is RM0.70 and the user has unlimited storage capacity.

All customers need to do is snap a photo, send an MMS to 2000 along with the photo caption and it will appear immediately in your personal log on the Internet. Thus allowing DiGi customers to never miss a special moment with family and friends, when on the move.

Friends Finder on the other hand is an interesting service to locate friends and family who are DiGi users. The service allows people to check current locations of friends and family members by simply sending an SMS message. The recipients have to give permission if they want to be located. For Friends Finder, customers will be charged RM0.15 each time they send an SMS to locate their loved one and an additional RM0.30 will be charged once the find is successful.

To know more about these services, DiGi customers are advised to call in to DiGi customer service at 016 221 1800 or log on to

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