DiGi's Ejen 016 to explode onto Malaysian TV come July 19

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June 22, 2006

DiGi's Ejen 016 to explode onto Malaysian TV come July 19
Action-packed spy comedy starring Saiful Apek, Ida Nerina, Mustapha Kamal and more to set new benchmark in TV entertainment

KUALA LUMPUR, 23 June 2006 - The meteor has landed. The forces of good and evil are now locked in a frantic race to take control of it. Sel 16, Malaysia's super secret agency has been activated and Ejen 016 is on the case.

Will he be able to reach the meteor on time, beat the odds and save the entire nation?

Soon, Malaysian viewers will be able to catch the explosive action right on their television screens as it unfolds over 13 episodes on Ejen 016, the hottest spy-comedy yet, to be aired over TV3 every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. beginning 19 July 2006.

A wholly-owned cinematographic production by DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ("DiGi"), Ejen 016 stars much-loved comedian Saiful Apek in the title role supported by a cast of top Malaysian artistes including Ida Nerina, Mustapha Kamal, Jehan Miskin and Bob Kuman.

As like with most agents, Ejen 016 will be assisted by his resourceful sidekicks, Ejen Alpha 0146, Ejen Delta 0146 and Ejen Gamma 0146, played by up and coming actresses Siti Elizad, Pushpa Narayan and Shanna Avril respectively.

In addition to the main cast, fans can also look forward to Ejen 016's special cameo appearances by other Malaysian stars such as Amber Chia, M Nasir and Linda Onn.

Morten Lundal, DiGi's Chief Executive Officer expressed his excitement over Ejen 016 as yet another innovative idea from DiGi.

"Ejen 016 looks set to be one of the most exciting and unforgettable television series ever to be broadcasted on Malaysian television. We are proud to finally see our efforts come to fruition. With a cast list featuring the likes of Saiful Apek, Ida Nerina and Mustapha Kamal, it's not difficult to imagine the entertainment value this show will bring to fans across Malaysia," he said.

Also at the launch was Dato' Ahmad Farid Ridzuan, Chief Executive Officer, Television Networks, Media Prima Bhd representing TV3, the official media partner for Ejen 016.

"We are delighted to have this partnership with DiGi and anticipate a sensational response for Ejen 016. The programme shows great promise and we are confident that it will garner a strong fan-following as it is fun and suitable for family viewing," said Dato' Farid.

A novel communication platform

More than just a television show for DiGi, Ejen 016 also serves as an innovative, relevant and differentiated communication platform to reach audiences.

According to Lundal, "DiGi's culture and corporate values means that we are constantly looking to do things differently. Through Ejen 016, we are setting the benchmark in using television programming as a dynamic communication channel to reach and connect with our customers effectively."

Yohani Yusof, DiGi's Head of Segment Marketing stressed that Ejen 016 is a totally new idea going beyond product placement or sponsorship. She said, "We created and produced the entire series; resulting in a show that represents DiGi, yet stands on its own merit as fantastic entertainment. Beyond the show, we are also communicating with our customers through special promotions, roadshows, exciting downloads and exclusive web content."

Yohani added that Ejen 016 also serves as an educational platform communicating the uses of mobile technology; beneficial and relevant to the mass audience.

"Throughout the show's heart-racing plots, the villains and heroes will be using mobile technology to carry out their nefarious schemes or accomplish the impossible missions. A one minute segment explaining the various mobile services and technologies used during the show will be aired during the end credits of each episode. This is especially beneficial for those who may not have heard of certain services and functions that could be useful, convenient and fun to use," she explained.

As a holistic communication platform, Ejen 016 will be featured in DiGi roadshows, at various locations nationwide, to reach out to existing and potential customers, both on the interactive and personal level.

At the roadshows, visitors and fans will get a chance to meet and take photos with the stars from the show. In addition, there will also be fun and exciting downloads, special reload packs and exclusive Ejen 016 premiums for visitors.

Beginning 19 July 2006, avid Ejen 016 fans can visit the DiGi WAP portal and click on the "Rentaq" icon to download and enjoy special behind-the-scenes bloopers, previews of future episodes, never-before-seen scenes, catchy ring tones, colourful wallpapers, exciting operator logos and many other services on their mobile phones.

Step forward for local content development

Ejen 016 highlights the important trend of increasing consumer demand for better quality and media-rich mobile content.

"Increased mobile data bandwidth thanks to technology such as Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) has sparked and enabled customer demand for more content. This means telecommunication companies today are not just competing to provide better services to their customers; we are also competing to provide better content. In this respect, we are taking the lead through Ejen 016, which is content that is wholly-developed and owned by DiGi," said Lundal.

"Licensing content is simple; there are many ready international developers out there. But, developing your own TV series and then developing mobile content around it is something else altogether. This is what we are doing with Ejen 016, something that has never been done before," he said.

For more information on Ejen 016, weekly updates of programme information and other exciting downloads, please log on to www.digi.com.my/rentaq.


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