DiGi redefines the "rules" on postpaid

Press Release
March 9, 2005

DiGi redefines the "rules" on postpaid

New postpaid plan designed to cater to today's communications needs, giving consumers flexibility, affordability and freedom to choose

Kuala Lumpur 9 March 2005 - In keeping with its philosophy of revolutionizing mobile communications' services, DiGi introduced DiGi Postpaid, an exciting new mobile package, giving customers what is most important to them - the best of prepaid and postpaid benefits. The DiGi Postpaid package offers unbeatable features of:

  • Zero monthly fee
  • One flat rate nationwide for Voice and SMS, as low as 0.15 sen per minute and 5 sen per SMS respectively
  • Free value added services

"The new DiGi Postpaid plan is what postpaid should be. DiGi is making this the first bold step to reposition postpaid and make it attractive for all existing and potential customers who prefer the "use now, pay later" approach" said DiGi's General Manager, Marketing, Mr. Peter Tay.

DiGi Postpaid Features

  1. Zero monthly fee
    New DiGi postpaid customers need not pay monthly fee once their call usage exceeds RM100 and only pay 50% of the monthly fee for call usages above RM50. Customers can register for a new DiGi postpaid that offers a monthly fee for as low as RM20. Currently only prepaid users and fixed commitment postpaid plans in the market are enjoying zero access fees. DiGi Postpaid offers more flexibility and customers do not need to commit to either high fixed monthly fees or suffer high call rates.
  2. One flat rate nationwide
    With DiGi postpaid, you get to enjoy one flat rate nationwide for voice calls without any worry on where and when to call. All per minute calls are charged at a flat rate based on 12 seconds block, eliminating the hassle of calls charged according to peak, off peak periods and call zones. 016 to 016 voice calls are fixed at RM0.15 per minute per call while. 016 to Non 016 voice calls are charged for as low as RM0.20 per minute nationwide. SMS (016 to 016) and (016 to Non 016) are now fixed at RM0.05 per SMS and RM0.15 per SMS respectively.
  3. Free Value Added Services
    With DiGi Postpaid, value added services will be given free of charge by default upon registration. Among the free value added services that customers will enjoy include CLIP, Call Waiting, Hold Divert and Multiple Party Conferencing. DiGi believes customers should enjoy these basic services without having to pay - it's all about adding value to mobile communications.

The postpaid plans available are as follows:

  1. The Premier Plan is designed with high usage postpaid customers in mind. It caters to those who spend more than RM150 on their mobile phone each month. With the auto-savings on access fee, some customers may even not have to pay any access fee based on their total usage. For usage that is below RM50, an access fee of RM50 is charged. Another great advantage is the one flat rate nationwide at only 15 sen per minute.
  2. The Optimum Plan is designed mainly for low or medium usage postpaid customers with a monthly spending of less than RM150 as well as high usage prepaid users. With a flat rate nationwide at only 15 sen, an access fee of just RM20 and free value added services.
  3. The Supplementary Plan is designed based on the Optimum Plan with a lower monthly access fee of only RM10 per month. However, those on this plan will not be able to enjoy the auto-savings on access fee. Each principal customer can register for up to three Supplementary lines for their loved ones.

Current Horizon customers will be automatically migrated to the new DiGi Postpaid, while customers on other postpaid plans can choose when it comes to registering for this service. For more information on this, customers can call 016-2211800 or visit the nearest DiGi Centre.

"At DiGi we think differently and that's why we lead the way in product innovation as well as creative packaging. We are responsive to our customers' needs and the new DiGi Postpaid is based on what postpaid users say they are looking for.

"DiGi now brings its smart and successful innovative prepaid features into the new postpaid, with added convenience, flexibility and control. The launch of this new DiGi Postpaid will enable DiGi to grow our postpaid business," stressed Mr. Tay

In the months to come, DiGi will continue to spearhead innovation with the introduction of new and dynamic applications, unique mobile content and exciting products and services. These will be geared to enhance the personal requirements and business prospects for customers, leveraging the potential of its HighSpeed Mobile Network, offering speed to the market in all its provisions, making it increasingly easy for all Malaysians to go mobile.

About DiGi

DiGi is a leading mobile communications company providing a comprehensive range of affordable, convenient and easy to use wireless services to simplify and enrich the lives of its customers. We create value for our customers by selecting the most appropriate cutting edge technology so that they benefit from products and services that give them choice, convenience and control.

We have an established presence as a leader in voice and data prepaid services with a number of firsts that have set industry benchmarks for creativity and innovation. These services are offered under the Beyond Prepaid brand name. Our postpaid service under the DiGi Postpaid brand name delivers high quality voice as well as value-added mobile content and data services to both individual and corporate customers.