Digi & NagaDDB Launch Cyber Safety PSA Video ?Fight Against Predators?

Press Release
December 10, 2017

Spreading awareness on cyber-grooming and ways to stay safe online

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 December 2017 - Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ('Digi') announced today the launch of 'Fight Against Predators', a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video, produced in collaboration with creative and branding, and advertising agency NagaDDB Tribal. A part of Digi's continuous effort to advocate safer internet for everyone through its Digi CyberSAFETM programme, the video brings attention to how children are being tracked by, and can fall prey to, paedophiles.

The 'Fight Against Predators' video (https://youtu.be/gTahJpMJK7w and digi.my/predator) is the latest in a series of PSAs that Digi has released with the goal of educating school children and youth on the techniques that could be used by a stranger with ill intentions, and at the same time inform parents of the role they can play in identifying risks and mitigating the increasing prevalence of cybergrooming .

Quah Yean Nie, Digi's Head of Communications and Sustainability said, "As we enjoy the many benefits of connectivity, it is necessary for everyone, parents and children alike, to be conscious of potential risks such as cyberbullying and cybergrooming, and take steps to safeguard ourselves and our children who are gaining access to the internet at a younger age. We've over the years we have worked with schoolchildren and educators to spread the messages of cybersafety in encouraging responsible online behavior. It is our hope that this video will serve as another source of awareness and a tool for parents/educators to start a dialogue with their children."

According to statistics by PDRM, nearly 80% of rape cases by sexual predators reported in Malaysia since 2015 involved internet acquaintances; and the majority of the victims are under 18 years of age. "Grooming" or sexual harassment is one of the major factors in cases of online sexual exploitation.

Alvin Teoh, Executive Creative Director of NagaDDB Tribal said, ''Sex predators operating online in Malaysia are very real and they're actively targeting our children because so many of them practically live online. Children are cybergroomed right under their parent's noses, who seldom monitor their children's online activities and worse still, are unaware about online safety practices. And these predators know it and feed off our ignorance and the statistics are frightening. So, we at NagaDDB are happy to support Digi's efforts through its Digi CyberSAFETM programme to bring a much needed awareness to this issues that is often overlooked by many parents. With some basic knowledge, I believe we can help reduce the number of these incidences. As parents, we all need to take a more proactive role to protect our children.''

In 2014, the National Survey 2014: CyberSAFETM in Schools - a national survey on internet safety and digital resilience of schoolchildren released by Digi and its CyberSAFETM in Schools programme partners - found that 83% of Malaysian schoolchildren are vulnerable to online risks due to minimal protective actions.

Digi CyberSAFETM at Big Bad WolfIn conjunction with the release of the CyberSAFETM 'Fight Against Predators' PSA Video, Digi CyberSAFETM is also present at the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair from 8 to 18 December 2017 at MIECC at the Mines.

At the CyberSAFETM booth, parents and schoolchildren can engage in a mix of experiential edutainment activities that allow them to learn and discover online safety in a fun learning environment that promotes good digital citizenship. Highlights of the activities include:

  • Predators' Wall of Shame: Learning about the different online predators, their characteristics, and how to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to counter their attacks;
  • Decode The Hidden Messages: Distinguish between the good and the bad of the Internet such as learning how to identify hate messages and choose positive behaviours on the Internet;
  • Knowing the Social You - Scan your photo, answer a few simple questions, and you're on your way to share quirky social profile of yourself!

The CyberSAFE™ 'Fight Against Predators' PSA Video will also be showcased at the Digi CyberSAFE™ booth together with an experiential association sharing the latest statistics to create greater awareness and realisation amongst book fair goers and their children.

Since 2014, Digi has actively engaged schoolchildren through the CyberSAFE™ programme, aimed at cultivating responsible digital citizenship and safe internet use by instilling awareness of the internet risks facing children, and educating children on how to navigate the internet ecosystem sensibly. This year's activities include the Digital City Exhibit at Petrosains KLCC, the series of SayaSayangSaya townhalls in eight states across Malaysia organised with R.AGE, WOMEN:girls and UNICEF , the Be Smart, Use Heart Video contest and the recent launch of the 2017 Be Smart About Cyberbullying Survey

CyberSAFE™ in Schools programme, which started in 2011, is a joint initiative with the Ministry of Education Malaysia, CyberSecurity Malaysia and Digi to improve awareness, build capacity and empower students and teachers with digital resiliency and citizenship skills to stay safe on the internet. Through a series of workshops and trainings, the programme engages schoolchildren, teachers and parents to help children learn about safe online practices and positive digital citizenship.

For more information on the Digi CyberSAFE programme, visit www.digi.com.my/digicybersafe.