Digi lets you drive your brand around town with Hyperlocal Media

Press Release
April 4, 2017

  • Introduces billboard on wheels a.k.a Hyperlocal Media Truck, making targeted advertising affordable and accessible for all businesses, big or small;
  • Available to business owners for as low as RM500 a day, with a limited-time discount of 20% using the #PimpMyBrand promo code
  • Hyperlocal Media Truck is one part of the in- and outdoor digital display network Digi is building in prime locations nationwide
  • Digital out-of-home advertising solution provides flexible content updates in real-time and customisable routes, giving advertisers a good, alternative attention-grabbing marketing tool

SHAH ALAM, 5 April 2017 – Digi Telecommunications (Digi) today introduced a digital out-of-home advertising solution, Hyperlocal Media, enabling businesses to tailor their brand awareness in real-time through digital and mobile billboards to reach more Malaysians at an affordable price.

While Malaysians spend a significant amount of time on their screens daily, a large portion of their day is still spent outside the home. This makes outdoor advertising a vital touch point business owners need to tap on to build and sustain top-of-mind brand awareness with their target audience.

According to Digi’s Chief Digital Officer, Praveen Rajan, Hyperlocal Media is a new and different way Digi is making digital work for businesses of all shapes and sizes, paving the way for businesses to unlock the potential of cross-channel advertising. The company is building a network of in- and outdoor advertising solutions, from digitally-branded vehicles, in-store screens, large format digital billboards, and some day in the future, localised SMS-targeting, to give businesses maximum brand exposure with their audience.

“Digital technology is a great leveler, and this is a way to make effective marketing tools accessible to more businesses at an affordable price, without the hassle and red-tape it usually involves. Hyperlocal Media provides business owners the opportunity to increase brand familiarity at their convenience and control, and all done online. The ability to change branded content in real-time helps businesses skip the normal lengthy and often costly procedures for static billboards, and get right into delivering messages to their customers at the right time, in the right place and across different channels.”

Hyperlocal Media’s aim is to empower businesses to take advantage of the digital promise: greater control, reach and customisation, real-time responsiveness with attention-grabbing displays. It is:

  • Flexible: Allowing businesses to customise media plans in a variety of durations, from a day to a year
  • Real-time: Content updates the moment businesses need them to stay on top of market trends and movements, increasing their competitive advantage
  • High-Reach: Reaching up to 10, 000, 000 customers a month across its digital display network in high traffic and visible locations in the Klang Valley
  • Targeted Footprint: Impacting specific geographic and demographic audiences close to a business’ point of sales
  • Easy online activation: Offers users the ability to book slots, upload and change content remotely through an online system.

These conveniences are available for business owners to tap on across Hyperlocal Media’s network of digital displays: Mobile truck, in-store screens and soon-to-be introduced large format digital billboard.

Hyperlocal Media Truck: Mobile Billboards are Attention-Grabbers
The mobile digital truck is the first of Hyperlocal Media’s businesses to be activated for business owners. The truck helps businesses reach hard-to-hit locations to deliver more immediate and targeted results.

These trucks truly localise advertising efforts on wheels, working exactly like branded vehicles which are well-known for being effective marketing tools that help businesses breed familiarity in localised areas. The best part being that business owners capitalise on benefits branded vehicles without needing to own and maintain any of them.

Hyperlocal Media’s digital truck service is currently available in the Klang Valley area and is targeted to expand into non-conventional places with high traffic within the region to reach a wider audience. Businesses could reach up to 3, 000, 000 customers per month by piggy-backing on Hyperlocal Media’s Top 10 routes that cover approximately 50% of Klang Valley’s population, or customise their own route.

The solution is suitable for brands keen on exploring an affordable, hyper-targeted digital marketing option with limitless flexibility to adapt their creative campaigns on-the-go. It is great for use at events, roadshows and geo-targeted advertising campaigns (and if you’re brave, maybe right in front of your competitor’s store front).

Customisable Content at a Reasonable Rate Hyperlocal Media’s brands-on-wheels service is available to business owners from as low as RM500 a day. And for a limited time, business owners can enjoy 20% off their total bill when they make their first purchase using the #PimpMyBrand promo code on www.hyperlocal.media.

Hyperlocal Media is one of the businesses managed by Digi’s venture building arm, Digi-X, working to expand the company’s digital product portfolio and revenue streams.