Digi Hopes to Inspire Development of Top Local Content Makers Through Crowdsourcing Platform.

Press Release
September 20, 2016

Digi Hopes to Inspire Development of Top Local Content Makers Through Crowdsourcing Platform
Kreative Crew now open to all with more features to come in stages

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 September 2016 - Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) announced the launch of a new creative content crowdsourcing community platform called Kreative Crew that aims to facilitate and inspire the development of top local content producers. The new platform allows individuals to submit ideas for creative content briefs and be rewarded with fees matching the depth and complexity of the projects.

Set up in partnership with innovation and creativity events organisers Monad International Sdn Bhd (Monad International), this initiative is intended to reach the untapped creative talent market in Malaysia.

Daniel Cerventus, co-curator of TEDxKL and managing director of Monad International, said that after coming on as a judge in Digi's annual WWWoW Awards which celebrates local creative talent and their achievements over the past few years, he came to realize that there was a large pool of people who don't get the opportunity to showcase their creative ideas and this sentiment was echoed at Digi.

"After running the WWWoW Awards for six years, we realized that we are missing the opportunity to meet a lot of talented individuals outside of those who participate in our awards. We then decided to work with Monad International to build a community platform that will facilitate people to share ideas more fluidly and be rewarded for their work," said Chan May Ling, Digi's Head of Marketing Services.

The new platform, which can be accessed via desktop or mobile browser at www.kreativecrew.com is fully operational and allows users to submit entries for various creative project briefs listed on the site. It is free to register and open to individuals from all disciplines within the creative industry. Everyone from graphic designers and videographers to script writers and voice talent are welcome to be part of the community.

"This is a great opportunity for students in the creative industry or even amateurs to get involved and be rewarded for their ideas and talent. We are not limiting the platform to those who are already in advertising or marketing and in fact encourage those outside it to participate. Sometimes, what we need is a whole new perspective on branding and content development which is the purpose of setting up Kreative Crew," Chan pointed out.

Apart from submitting entries for Digi's own creative briefs, Kreative Crew also allows people to support social causes they are passionate about. Joining Digi on the platform are two non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who are also looking to connect with creative talent. The platform will be expanded to include briefs from other commercial brands in the near future with more features to follow suit.

"Digi wanted to help build an open platform that democratises creative content development in Malaysia. We hope to work with young minds and expand the creative landscape to talented people who are able to contribute to the marketing and advertising community.

"Also, as a brand, with Digi's new direction of transforming the company into a digital services provider to become our customers' favourite partner in digital life, we see an increasing need to generate more content to cater to the many platforms that exist today so this opportunity to partner with Monad International in setting up Kreative Crew was timely as it gives us a chance to test the platform and find areas of improving further," Chan said.

"We hope to inspire budding creatives in Malaysia to achieve their dreams and work with the brands that they love and can identify with. For now, apart from Digi-related briefs, we also have NGOs onboard and we encourage more to join Kreative Crew to contribute and harness the energy from the community and its unlimited potential to create fresh ideas," she added.

For more information about the new platform, visit www.kreativecrew.com.