Digi 2020/21 CXO Apprentices share their experience on how to thrive during this unprecedented times

Press Release
February 16, 2021
  • Digi’s agile, inclusive and innovative way of work helped the new recruits embrace life as a Digizen
  • All 2020 apprentices were selected through an entirely digital process, which was also a first for Digi

SUBANG JAYA, 16 FEBRUARY 2021 – Despite joining the company during the Covid-19 period, the fifth batch of apprentices from Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi)’s CXO Apprentice Programme are thriving in their respective roles as a result of the company’s people-first mindset that prioritises their growth and learning experience, all the more during these unprecedented times.

As part of the experience, the selected talents are provided with opportunities to ensure that they can unearth their true potential throughout the fully digital apprenticeship, the first of its kind for Digi.

Digi’s Chief Human Resource Officer, Elisabeth Stene says that it has been Digi’s long-time commitment to attract and develop young talents to join the company. “We did not let the Covid-19 pandemic hold us back from continuing with the CXO Apprentice programme and searching for the fifth batch last year. This latest batch of apprentices have been selected to join Digi at the most extraordinary time, and they get to be part of a digital company that is constantly innovating to adapt to any situation and meet the needs of our customers.

“I am amazed at how quick they have adjusted to Digi’s way of working and keeping up with the fast-paced challenging business conditions. Despite having to work from home most of the time since they joined us, these apprentices are still able to gain hands-on experience in how Digi practices agile way of working. They quickly embraced Digi’s customer-obsessed culture, under the guidance of their CXO mentors. With these exposure and experience, I am looking forward to see all the young apprentices making waves within their chosen roles in Digi once they have completed their CXO apprenticeship middle of this year.”

Opportunities to learn, engage, grow and innovate
One apprentice who can attest to this is Dr Sharifah Sarah Syed Abdul Rahman, apprentice to Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Joachim Rajaram who had to step out of her comfort zone and right into Digi’s Yellow Heart project that she was given the responsibility to spearhead. Coming from a medical background, her induction into the sustainability division of the industry was quite a shift, but one that she took in much stride.

“Given the responsibility to be part of a significant project despite being a few weeks old in Digi is definitely a humbling experience and one that was fulfilling especially when it is something that resonates so deeply with me. The beauty of Digi’s work culture is that I am given the freedom to explore and dig the various opportunities around me, and that was exactly what I did to ensure that the project is a success. That was when I knew that Digi is definitely the platform to be in order to grow not just in the corporate sector, but also as an individual,” says Dr Sharifah.

Anne Selvam, apprentice to Chief Sales Officer Cheng Weng Hong likened her journey of becoming yellow, to that of a superhero’s – one wrought with challenges, learnings, growth and most of all, vulnerability. Through her experience, she found that her most learned moments came from the times she spoke up and requested assistance in the fields she needed a helping hand with. It is through these moments where Anne discovered that she had more than adequate amounts of support from her team through Digi’s upholding of a dynamic work culture and structure.

She cites Digi’s constant measures to keep employees engaged as one of the highlights of her apprenticeship so far, and it has been very helpful in assimilating her into the company. “My personal favourite would be the company’s team building which was done virtually. Despite the physical barriers, Digi managed to coordinate more than 1,000 staff to participate in the various online activities as a team. As an employee, this initiative means a lot to me as it clearly showed how Digi cares about their people’s welfare and how it did not let the new normal discount the value of the people to the company,” shares Anne.

In the words of John Paul Felix, apprentice to Chief Human Resource Officer Elisabeth Stene, his experience was all about the constant learning and exposure that he was able to achieve through Digi. “The highlight of my journey thus far is the chance to get involved in real life projects with real life stakeholders. It was daunting but it instilled in me a sense of ownership, motivation and vigour to do well and to do my best. I believe from that, I’ve been able to learn and grow much more rapidly despite being in Digi for only five months,” he says.

A digital approach for a digital world
In previous instalments of the Programme, candidates were recruited through internal engagement events with university students. However, for the last year with movement restrictions limiting physical engagements and meetings, Digi tapped into its digital expertise and leveraged on various digital tools to enhance the process. The result was a record number of applications for the programme yet. Through online and virtual assessments, the apprentices were then selected and placed with their respective mentors.

Inspiring Apprentices University Background Anne Selvam HELP University Psychology Edgar Zhe Qian Koh University of Nottingham Mechatronics Engineering Giridhran Palani Monash University Malaysia Medical Bioscience Joana Che Ern Tan Sunway University Actuarial Studies John Paul Felix HELP University Managerial Psychology Michelle Yeong UCSI University Computer Science Nasiruddin Nasir University of Nottingham Civil Engineering Sharifah Sarah Syed Abdul Rahman International Medical University Medicine, Surgery

As part of Digi’s own Business Continuity Plan (BCP) which was activated early last year due to the Covid-19, the apprentices were split into two teams and placed in the same team as their respective CXOs. Digital tools were utilised for onboarding to integration and interactions will be carried out with business leaders and area experts digitally.

For more on Digi CXO Apprentice Programme, visit www.digi.my/cxoapprentice.

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