CyberSAFE Be Smart Use Heart video challenge winners

Press Release
December 5, 2017

SHAH ALAM, 6 December 2017 - Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ('Digi') has announced the nine (9) winners of its CyberSAFE in Schools 'Be Smart, Use Heart' Video Challenge 2017, three (3) winners for each category Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary schools at the Anugerah Pembestarian Sekolah 2017 event held recently.

The nine winners who walked away with RM400 worth of merchandise are:

    Primary School Category
    Lower Secondary School Category
    Upper Secondary School Category
  • Haziq Mursyidi Bin Hadzri (SMK Syed Sirajuddin) - CyberSAFE in Schools
  • Muhammad Thoha Bin Ismail (SMK Skudai) - Buli Siber
  • Ahmad Nazrin Bin Shamsudin (SMK Ajil)

The two-month video challenge called for all Malaysian primary and secondary students aged 7 to 18 to develop and submit a YouTube video of not more than three minutes that further explore issues related to cyberbullying according to the students' own interpretation.

Philip Ling, Digi's Programme Manager for CyberSAFE said, "This year, we received quite a number of great videos for this challenge and are actually amazed with the creativity and perspective in which the participants discussed cyberbullying and relevant issues in their respective videos. This initiative is part of our continuous efforts to build digital resilience and foster responsible digital citizenship among our schoolchildren."

According to Muhammad Thoha, one of the winners for the upper secondary category, "When I first heard of this video challenge from my teacher, I actually did some research and besides reading articles, I watched videos on cyber bullying. Although my initial intention to participate was due to my interest in videography, making this video made me realise that cyberbullying does not only have a negative impact on the victims but also on the bully themselves, and that became my storyline for the video challenge. I hope my video will be able to show my peers how harmful a cyberbully can be, even to the extent of causing death."

Syed Syazwi Rafiuddin, winner of the lower secondary category said, ''It was actually my teacher who encouraged me to participate in the video challenge and it was made based on my friend's experience as a cyberbully victim. I think we need to constantly remember that bad people are everywhere even in the cyber world, which makes it even easier for them to manipulate and bully their victims by using the many social media platforms."

Amanda Evita, who is one of the winners from the primary schools category believes that one should stand up and fight cyberbully. ""Cyberbullies will only leave negative effects on the victim. But, we can counter cyberbullying by finding a suitable solution to change the situation. We should not allow ourselves to be a cyberbullying victim. I made this video because I want to deliver a message to my peers to be more aware of the negative elements that come together with digital technology and we should always use social media responsibly and not as a tool to bully other people"

CyberSAFE™ in Schools programme, which started in 2011, is a joint initiative with the Ministry of Education Malaysia, CyberSecurity Malaysia and Digi to improve awareness, build capacity and empower students and teachers with digital resiliency and citizenship skills to stay safe on the internet. Through a series of workshops and trainings, the programme engages schoolchildren, teachers and parents to help children learn about safe online practices and positive digital citizenship.

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