Atlas Edible Ice (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd. partners iFleet in Sarawak

Press Release
November 23, 2017


  •     In an industry where customer service and reputation is a key business growth factor, iFleet commercial vehicle tracking solution expected to support Atlas Edible Ice by targeting to reduce missed or late deliveries to 10% of total deliveries per month in Sarawak

Kuching, Sarawak, 27 November 2017 - Atlas Edible Ice (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd announced its partnership with iFleet today to enhance the performance of its commercial fleet to effectively navigate Sarawak's topography and meet the growing local F&B sector. iFleet is a B2B solution targeted at commercial vehicles, the first IoT solution Digi is introducing from its range of Connected Vehicle offerings. The intelligent fleet tracking solution enables businesses to track their fleet in real-time and is currently the most robust all-in-one solution available in the market.

The industry challenge
Within the edible tube ice industry, competition is high and sales do not necessarily go to the strongest brand name (since all players sell a homogenous product) - it is the balance between having the right pricing and a reliable service that enables companies to stand out against competitors.

It is for the latter reason that Atlas Edible Ice (Sarawak) partnered with iFleet. On a micro level, the company realised that it required access to information on a daily basis - data parameters such as drivers' routes and whether they had completed their designated route for the day - in order to improve customer satisfaction and drive repeat customers.  

This is made all the more challenging with the state's unique topography, comprising of 3 distinct regions: the coastal lowlands comprising of peat swamps and narrow deltaic and alluvial plains, a large region of undulating hills ranging to about 300 meters, and the mountain highlands extending to the Kalimantan border.  For drivers, this would mean having to adapt their driving style to the region they are in as well as determining through their own calculated judgement the fastest way to reach customers. For Atlas Edible Ice (Sarawak), the current system minimises their control of the customer service experience, requiring a leap of faith in both driver and vehicle.

On a macro level, driving consistent efficiency and service builds reputation. In the tube ice industry, where one slow step can result in letting business opportunities melt away to competitors, credibility based on past service experience is what matters to Atlas Ice Sarawak's customers: the large chain store retailers, convenience stores, restaurants, cafes and small-time street vendors.

iFleet: Building customer service experience and reputation
The implementation of iFleet enables Atlas Ice Sarawak to gain visibility over its entire delivery fleet; routes and deliveries are all automatically recorded in real-time and SMS and email alerts prompt the management team and supervisors to any potential delivery bottlenecks, enabling them to be quickly resolved before reputation is affected.

Kong Chak Wan, Branch Manager of Atlas Ice Sarawak acknowledges this. ''With the introduction of iFleet, we hope to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce complaints or discrepancies with regards to missed or late deliveries to a baseline target of 10% of total deliveries per month. Of particular note is the mobile app for managers on the move and the tracking accuracy for iFleet is higher compared to our previous system.''

iFleet is supported by Digi's consistent, high speed 4G LTE network that reaches 74% of Sarawakians in 41 cities and towns in the state today. It's faster LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) network covers 38% of populated areas in Sarawak covering 10 cities and towns. Beginning 1 July, Digi switched on its new 900MHz spectrum, which allows mobile phone signals to reach further from base stations to offer wider coverage, and it brings the telco's consistent, high speed 4G Plus network to more topographically challenging parts of Malaysia such as Sarawak.

Digi and IoT - a winning combination for your business
Praveen Rajan, Digi's Chief Digital Officer said, ''With Atlas Ice we are now seeing the first seeds of success from our connected vehicle strategy and commitment to translating intelligent digital solutions into real business value with bottom-line impact for our customers. iFleet will continue to disrupt the fleet management solutions market with a best-in-class, end-to-end solution for an affordable fee. We look forward to helping many more businesses move toward their efficiency and service goals.''

iFleet is the ideal B2B solution for commercial vehicles. Key advantages of iFleet over competing solutions include:

  • All inclusive solution that takes care of hardware, software and connectivity at one go
  • Advanced tracking technology providing greater fleet insights to improve business productivity
  • Driver behaviour insights and scoring to instill safe driving culture
  • A continuously evolving value-added solution introducing features beyond tracking, such as smart fuel management and usage-based insurance (UBI) ready to name a few

iFleet is available to all Malaysian enterprises interested in leveraging digital technology as a competitive advantage for their business, at an affordable RM90/vehicle fee for the all-in-one fleet tracking solution. For more information on iFleet, visit: