Win-win in doing business the right way: Digi Responsible Business Summit 2022

Press Release
July 6, 2022

Annual event brings in industry experts to promote knowledge sharing amongst stakeholders

SUBANG JAYA, 6 July 2022 – The changing business environment and stakeholders’ expectations continue to put demands on businesses to operate responsibly. This reflects the strong need for businesses to emphasise responsible business best practices as a key agenda in their operations.

To this end, Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) continues to lead industry dialogues through its Responsible Business Summit, collaborating with experts across sectors to advocate doing business the right way for the benefit of all consumers.

Themed ‘Insight-Out’, Digi’s Responsible Business Summit, is an annual event demonstrating its commitment to drive responsible business standards across all functions and build customer trust and transparency in their way of work. 

Philip Ling, Digi’s Head of Sustainability said that maintaining a sustainable brand with the highest standards of ethics and integrity starts from the inside out, which inspired the theme for this year’s summit. 

“Partnering with subject matter experts across various sectors alongside internal experts enable us to bring forth robust conversations and insights from both sides. Collaborations like this will be a win-win for both parties in championing Responsible Business together while adopting the best practices in the Environment, Social and Governance agenda,” said Philip.

The week-long programme this year held from 4-7 July 2022, is hosted alongside external speakers including Khazanah Research Institute, Citibank, Petronas and Arus Academy, focusing on key areas like cybersecurity, privacy and data protection, supply chain sustainability, human rights, anti-corruption, and the importance of speak up culture. Various physical activities including workshops, games and even a familiarisation tour on Digi’s building eco-features are organised to give employees an immersive experience and appreciate Digi’s practices better. 

Fostering a Responsible Business culture

Fostering a responsible business way of work in Digi is reflected through its Yellow Heart programme which builds digital resilience and inclusion in communities. 

“Our decade-long Safe Internet flagship programme has continuously helped to make the Internet a safer place for all. Moving forward, we have more initiatives in the pipeline with the end goal of fostering a responsible digital citizenship,” said Philip.

Recently, Digi has launched various internet safety campaigns to help Malaysians build responsible internet habits and stay safe online. It distributed simplified scam alert infographics and the Safe Internet comic series in partnership with The Mokumentary and Crazy Rich Guy, two local comic artists. 

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