Tiada Sempadan: TV9 and DiGi reaches out in new documentary

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October 29, 2007

TV9 and DiGi Reaches Out in New Documentary

Petaling Jaya, 30 October 2007: Since its first inception on 22 April 2006 with 9 in-house programmes, TV9, Media Prima's 4th television station, has always strived to create shows that are fresh, distinctive and unique. Until today, the young television station has produced programmes ranging from entertainment, reality, magazines as well as talk shows that highlight issues relevant to its target audience and more importantly, issues that are close to their hearts.

Today, TV9 and DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ("DiGi") have unveiled to the media its latest collaboration in a documentary entitled Tiada Sempadan. Tiada Sempadan is a programme that delves into the lives, emotions and experiences of foreigners working in Malaysia. The TV9 production team have visited their home countries and managed to trace their friends and families. Though they are thousands of miles apart from each other, family ties know no boundaries. Technological advancements in the telecommunications industry have made it possible for them to stay in touch with each other.

The objective of this programme is to highlight their tales of hope, courage and perseverance of the human spirit. The uniqueness of this programme lies in its objective, which is not to preach, but merely share the experiences of these individuals and inspire others. This programme has brought our production crew to countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Nepal and Bangladesh.

According to Chief Operating Officer of TV9, En. Bukhari Che Muda, the creation of this documentary was timely because our societies often looked down upon these individuals and associate them with the negative aspects of society. He also added that not all of them were guilty of such things as many were sincere in their intentions and have remained focused in providing a better future for their families back home.

"The main purpose of this programme is not to preach; it merely serves as a platform to share with the audience about the lives of these people. Through this programme, it is hoped that our society would be able to feel what they feel, and as a caring society, we should not discriminate or stereotype them in any way," he urged.

"Malaysia is recognised as a dynamic country in terms of its economic and technology aspects, as well as for its rich ethnic diversity and culture. We hope that this programme will increase our society's understanding of these foreign workers and at the same time, unleash the full benefits of the dynamic interaction of difference cultures in this era of globalisation," said Tunku Alizakri Raja Muhammad Alias, Director of Strategic and Corporate Affairs of DiGi.

The filming of Tiada Sempadan started on 20 August and has since completed 7 out of 13 episodes. The first episode will be aired starting this 4 November at 8.30 p.m. The production team of Tiada Sempadan consists of four very talented individuals: Mohd Shahrizal Abd Rahim (Producer), Anida Atan @ Sujang (Assistant Producer), Zaleha Khairene Ismail (broadacast journalist and host) and Zaimie Anizah Zainuddin (broadcast journalist). What is even more amazing is that all technical aspects of this programme, including the camera work and editing, are handled by these four individuals.

Don't forget to tune in to watch Tiada Sempadan, beginning this 4 November, only on TV9, dekat di hati.

Happy Viewing!

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