Smarter, faster cargo movement at Port Klang with Digi’s iFleet

Press Release
December 11, 2019

iFleet now supports CargoMove’s depot booking system with real-time tracking of fleet movement

SUBANG JAYA, 12 DECEMBER 2019 – CargoMove, a leading depot and haulier solution company, has been working with Digi's iFleet, as one of its fleet management partners, for a geo-location project initiated by the Port Klang Authority (also known as Lembaga Port Klang), LPK.

iFleet is Digi’s cloud-based fleet management solution that provides real-time information and alerts on fleet movement and driver behaviour. CargoMove partnered with iFleet for its capability to integrate seamlessly into the port’s fleet queueing system, and compliance to port regulations for detailed and real-time tracking of vehicle traffic movement within Port Klang.

Cargomove pairs their depot booking system with iFleet’s GPS tracking capabilities to create better visibility of Port Klang’s traffic. With this solution, transporters are able to plan their movements and routes to avoid being stuck in traffic and minimise cargo idle time. This then leads to lower fuel costs and emissions, which benefits cargo transporters, port operators as well as the environment.

Port Klang is the largest port in Malaysia and is the 12th busiest container port in the world1. In 2018, LPK recorded a total of 12.3 million TEUs in 2018, an increase from 11.9 million TEUs in 20172. From a haulier solution and operator’s point of view, the importance of optimising logistics procedures is clear-cut.

Arvin Nair Lekshmanan, CargoMove’s Strategic Partnership and Business Operations Manager, says that in a busy harbour like Port Klang, it is important to optimise the flow of traffic towards and within the ports. “Efficient logistics is an essential condition to maintaining profitability as time is more optimised and productivity increases. We are convinced that access to the port can always be smarter and faster. Therefore, it is vital to ensure we perform at optimal capacity by using detailed fleet data to better manage logistic procedures in ports.”

Kathryn Lee, Head of Product for Digi-X, says that technology is a powerful driving force in innovation, and in turn making industrial and societal processes more efficient. “Advances in connectivity and IoT are forging change in today’s market. Today’s ports have a wide range of technological tools – all with the goal to improve safety, accessibility and efficiency.

“iFleet’s robust and flexible system allows better visibility for traffic estimates and progress. One demonstrable benefit is its ability to monitor and generate the sharing of GPS data for analytics, compliance and location-tracking purposes on daily operations. iFleet’s software is also capable of integrating into systems such as CargoMove, which makes operations easier and minimises the hassle of running several systems at once,” Kathryn adds.

Combining new technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) with ports allows haulier companies to blend data from multiple sources, creating a rich perspective on how the port performs. IoT comprises hardware, connectivity and software to allow solutions such as iFleet to operate, which allow for smoother and more efficient processes. iFleet allows CargoMove to analyse the data patterns found in the port system relating to the many aspects of a port such as yard performance, traffic flow, and crane performance.

Installation of iFleet is hassle-free. Vehicles that intend to enter Port Klang can also consider iFleet as it requires no upfront CAPEX investment, and only a nominal monthly subscription fee. Logistics and transport companies who are looking to try out iFleet can get in touch with the iFleet team at for a free consultation.

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