Search for the next Digi CXO Apprentice starts now

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March 1, 2016


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Search for the next Digi CXO Apprentice starts now

  • Reinvents how young talent begin their careers with CXO mentors and front row seats to business
  • Matches eight (8) apprentices with eight (8) Digi Chiefs for a year of fast, furious learning experience
  • Annual programme and leadership support shows commitment to build Malaysia's future digital workforce and leaders

SHAH ALAM, 2 March 2016 - Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ("Digi") today invited young Malaysians to take a big, bold step forward and kick-start their careers with Digi's CXO Apprentice programme. The platform calls out to digitally-savvy, innovative and purpose-driven fresh graduates to compete for eight exclusive spots to apprentice with Digi's top management team for a year. The programme is an innovative way to help accelerate learning and develop relevant skills for top talents who will drive Malaysia's digital transformation.

Digi's Chief Executive Officer Albern Murty said during the launch, "We are at a point of a major transition in the workforce, where Malaysia's young talents are projected to account for 50% of the active workforce in the next 5 years. These young talents are synonymous with digital technology, where computers, smartphones, and the internet are second nature to them. As society, businesses and economies shift to become increasingly connected and digital, we have an opportunity to play a key role in grooming, shaping and accelerating the development of a majority share of our future working adults and leaders who will help shape Malaysia's digital future and ambitions."

Synonymous to the company's innovative and fun culture, the Digi CXO Apprentice puts a new spin on the run-of-the-mill management trainee programmes. It will accelerate the best potential in the fastest possible manner by pairing eight young talents to Digi's eight respective Chiefs (CXOs), giving them direct exposure to the forefront of business and leadership. Digi is looking for inspiring young talent from any background, individuals who are curious, collaborative, a million-ideas-a-minute, brave to try and fail, and want to work in a digital company. These apprentices will spend a year working directly with Digi's Chiefs, receiving first-hand guidance in everything they will do.

"We know having mentors and someone to believe in you has a deep impact in our career journey but not everyone has the benefit of mentorship. This programme does not leave mentorship to luck or chance but intentionally grooms young talent to build capabilities that will help them become major contributors to business earlier in their careers. This is an annual programme, and we have the full commitment of Digi's top management to make this happen," said Albern.

Digi will partner with various private and public universities to engage with suitable candidates for the programme. Digi's Chief HR Officer Haroon Bhatti said, "Over the past decade, business has changed dramatically which means workforce skills and requirements have also changed. There are jobs today that did not exist 10 years ago - data scientist, social media manager, digital marketer - and in the coming years, there will be new roles with new skillsets that do not exist now. At the speed our industry is changing, we need a very fast, agile, disruptive way to bring young talent through the developmental levels quickly.

"We have a tremendous opportunity to work together with higher education institutions to find new ways to deliver more value to students and the workforce. We need to understand the needs of academia and business, and find new ways to collaborate beyond traditional means. We are excited to reinvigorate the way we work together to help students prepare and succeed in an evolving digital world."

He also said that these eight outstanding apprentices will be stepping into a workplace that provides them the freedom to inspire the next anything for Digi and its customers. "Beyond just a cool workplace, we believe in building an environment where peoples' voices are heard, have the freedom to innovate, try new ideas, even free to fail and where they can become who they aspire to be. Talent will have the freedom to inspire the next innovation, product, service, customer, and the list goes on - the only limits being how far they willing to try and do.

"Young talents will feel right at home in Digi seeing as they closely identify with innovation, championing causes and social responsibility. This is a place where they will find purpose, and where they can include their own passions and inspirations in their identity at work. At the same time, bringing their digital expertise and appetite for social good into this new era of work will be a catalyst for positive change within Digi," he concluded.

More on Digi CXO Apprentice
12-month apprenticeship for eight (8) bright young talents, each tagged to one of eight (8) Digi Chiefs (CXOs): Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Network Officer, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Chief HR Officer, Chief IT Officer and Chief Sales Officer.

    Innovative, new spin with Digi CXO Apprentice:
  • Accelerated learning and development giving apprentices a competitive edge at the start of their career.
  • Front row seats to decision-making, driving business and digital ambitions.
  • Direct CXO mentorship and guidance for one year.
  • Global exposure to Telenor Group's businesses across 13 markets in Asia and Europe.
  • Live Digi's promise in giving you the freedom to inspire the next.

    Who should apply?
    Final-year university students in their final semester with a Bachelor's Degree or fresh graduates who have worked for less than a year from
  • Communicate well and with confidence.
  • Have the will to win
  • Possess a collaborative attitude
  • Able to reason out issues and solve problems
  • Desire to overcome challenges
  • Want to work in a digital company

Submissions to apprentice are open from now until 15 April 2016. Learn more about Digi CXO Apprentice and to apply, surf to