Revenue Valley joins cashless revolution with vcash e-wallet solution in restaurants nationwide

Press Release
December 3, 2017

An easy, more convenient way to pay, send, request and store money for all Malaysians

PETALING JAYA, 4 December 2017 - Restaurant chain operator Revenue Valley Sdn Bhd announced today that its restaurants nationwide will begin accepting transactions in vcash now. In Malaysia, the group operates a total of 55 restaurants nationwide comprising of The Manhattan FISH MARKET (30), Tony Roma's (13), NY Steak Shack (10), TR FireGrill Kuala Lumpur (1) and Nice Catch (1). Malaysians will be able to utilise the effortless convenience of vcash for seamless transactions to pay at these restaurants from today onwards.

George Ang, Co-Founder and Revenue Valley Group CEO said, "At Revenue Valley, we are always looking for technology that improves the customer experience - for customers who dine in or opt to take-away at our restaurants - we want to reduce waiting times for transactions, and vcash supports this goal. For the employees in our restaurants, faster transactions per customer enables them to meet or even exceed overall service expectations."

There are also other benefits for Revenue Valley to go cashless with vcash - lower MDR compared to other payment methods, no annual fees, no installation fees and no special equipment or hardware to be installed in their restaurants.

With vcash, Revenue Valley also reaps the immediate benefit of knowing their customers better. With access to analytics, they now have a helicopter view of their business, enabling them to leverage customers' spending behaviour, track returning customers and competitor analysis. Furthermore, vcash removes the hassle and risks of handling physical cash with fast settlements of 1-2 business days for cash amounts to be reflected in the merchant's bank accounts.

These risks include the threat of theft. According to, the benefits of a cashless transaction system is all-encompassing - cascading from employee safety and training to hygiene and a positive impact on the bottom line, "Employees are also protected from the germs associated with handling money and the very real possibility of contaminating food after handling cash. And unlike physical cash transactions, there is no risk of employees miscounting change or misplacing hard currency. All transactions are recorded automatically and easy to track. Perhaps most importantly, the elimination of cash transactions creates opportunities for increased efficiency. Managers have more time to properly train and mentor staff, and transaction speed increases, allowing employees to perform more transactions."

"Working together with Revenue Valley brings us one step closer to our aim to offer Malaysian consumers and merchants a simpler, more elegant, more progressive, risk-free payment solution, and in the context of an F&B environment where customer experience is paramount," said Praveen Rajan, Digi's Chief Digital Officer.

Revenue Valley Sdn Bhd joins the nationwide merchant line-up for vcash, contributing part of the 500 physical touchpoints nationwide where customers can now make cashless payments with vcash.

Revenue Valley Sdn Bhd forms part of the nationwide merchant line-up for vcash with notable brands such as Astro Go Shop, Ezbuy, Fish & Co., Life Juice, Major Drop, The Manhattan FISH MARKET, Mydin, Nice Catch, NY Steak Shack, RedTick, Sam's Groceria, TAPAK, The Lorry, Tony Roma's, TR Fire Grill Kuala Lumpur, that was announced two weeks at the launch of vcash. To date, vcash is available at 500 physical touchpoints nationwide, with aspirations to grow these touchpoints to 2000 by year-end.