Privacy notices: Digi says out with lengthy texts, in with simplified infographics

Press Release
October 13, 2020
  • Introduces simplified privacy notice with user-friendly infographics for easy understanding

SUBANG JAYA, 14 October 2020 – Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) has made available an updated, simplified, and easy-to-digest privacy notice in the form of infographics for customers on its website. The updated privacy notice explains in simple terms the types of personal information that is collected from customers, why it is collected and how it is processed, and with whom it will be shared. Customers can also find out about their privacy rights concerning their personal information and how they can exercise these rights. More importantly, all of these can be digested in catchy infographics without worrying about complex terms or conditions.

Joachim Rajaram, Digi’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer said that this initiative is part of the company’s regular review of its privacy practices, and reflects Digi’s commitment to being transparent in how it handles and protects customer data. “We have done this because we believe customer data protection is an important tenet in the way we serve customers today. We live in a world where data influences every facet of our daily lives – from the way we shop, commute, transact, communicate, seek entertainment, and everything in between. Thus, building and maintaining customer trust is crucial. Digi complies to the strictest standards and internal governance processes when managing customer data. This is carried out together with regular training sessions with employees involved in processing customer data.”

The privacy notice also informs customers that the data they share is processed to improve and add value to the services provided. This allows Digi to provide more personalised and targeted services to customers.

The simplified notice saves customers’ time to read and understand it before giving their consent when they subscribe to any of Digi’s products and services.

All Digi customers can now access the updated Privacy Notice (ENGLISH or BAHASA MELAYU) and the infographics (ENGLISH or BAHASA MELAYU) here.

Privacy Infographic (ENG)-1
Privacy Infographic (ENG)-2
Privacy Infographic (ENG)-3