Privacy and data protection professionals convened at CelcomDigi’s inaugural Trust Circle forum

Press Release
November 10, 2023

PETALING JAYA, 10 November 2023 – CelcomDigi Berhad (CelcomDigi) convened its inaugural Trust Circle forum aimed at connecting privacy and data protection experts from multi-sectors to further strengthen their roles as data guardians in the age of ‘digital everything’.  

Experts from CelcomDigi, Microsoft, Malaysian Aviation Group, Bond Holdings, and Future of Privacy Forum Asia-Pacific (FPF APAC) shared insights on the emerging macro trends in privacy laws and technologies, data governance strategies, and ways to actively navigate related challenges and developments within their specific industries.  

Understanding that consumers today are demanding for a secure and responsible business, CelcomDigi's Chief Executive Officer Datuk Idham Nawawi in his opening remarks, emphasised that building stakeholders’ trust is a business imperative because it is the foundation in becoming a digital nation.  

“We believe that ensuring and promoting privacy and data protection today is a concerted multi-stakeholder effort, involving regulators and policy makers, technologists, businesses, civil society, and individuals. This a journey that we need to embark on together, and conversations that business leaders must lead to support responsible use of data and sustainable data practices. CelcomDigi aspires to be a brand that customers can trust and rely on in the age of ‘digital-everything’. Privacy and data protection is therefore a key pillar of our ESG priorities, namely of providing inclusive and safe digital access,” he said.  

In a masterclass titled Global Trends in Data Privacy and Generative AI in Asia Pacific, FPF APAC’s Managing Director Josh Lee Kok Thong said understanding parallel developments in data privacy and AI governance and regulation help provide a more holistic understanding of digital policy opportunities and challenges.    

“The landscape of data protection and emerging technologies are getting wider and more complex by the day. That is why having a network of privacy professionals like this Trust Circle is important to enable us to learn from each other and convene to see the big picture. It helps to build an ecosystem of trust, by bringing together industries, regulators, academia, and civil society,” Josh said.  

Aimed to explore practical data privacy and governance issues and best practices to continue building consumers’ trusts, Trust Circle by CelcomDigi brought together to provide a platform for business leaders and experts from various sectors including regulators, telecommunications, finance, energy and academic institutions to discuss a range of issues related to building trust in the digital world.