Petfinder wins DiGi WWWOW of the Year at DiGi WWWoW Internet For All Awards

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June 8, 2012

Petfinder wins DiGi WWWOW of the Year at DiGi WWWoW Internet For All Awards
Overwhelming response recorded during the second edition of the awards with over 1,700 unique entries submitted and more than 170,600 votes cast

SHAH ALAM, 9 June 2012 - DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ("DiGi") today announced Petfinder as the best of the best among the 14 category winners of the DiGi WWWoW Internet For All Awards 2012. It was announced at tonight's awards ceremony to celebrate Malaysia's most beloved and inspiring Internet innovators and content creators. Held at DiGi's headquarters here, it united some of the biggest names in the Malaysian Internet landscape today.

Petfinder is Malaysia's leading pet portal and a registered NGO that advocates responsible pet ownership and a loving home for every pet while upholding animal welfare. It emerged as the judges' favourite amongst the 14 winners of the categories open for public nomination and voting.

Since the submission of entries opened on 24 March, there were 1,705 unique entries submitted in 30 days. The public voting period of 14-27 May 2012 recorded a total of 170,629 votes cast in the 14-day period in 14 categories that were opened to voting. This year, viral interest was stronger than ever, with over 2,000 tweets carrying the #DiGiWWWOW hashtag, creating more than 3 million impressions. Meanwhile, the microsite registered 1.4 million page views from 335,000 unique visitors from 24 March to 16 May 2012.

DiGi's Head of Marketing Services, Sulin Lau, said, "We have been truly touched and inspired by the Malaysian Netizens this year. For the DiGi WWWOW Internet for All Awards 2012, we wanted to find special people who were using the power of the Internet to do special things, and from what we have seen, we are more convinced than ever how talented Malaysians are. With the expanded range of categories this year, we are also fortunate to see the breadth of Malaysian life, covering everything from fashion to food, comedy to culture, and commerce to social causes," Sulin added.

Facts and figures of the DiGi WWWOW Internet For All Awards 2012:

  1. Among the established categories, "Nuffnang Blogger of The Year" and " Online Shop of the Year" saw the most entries this year, similar to last year.
  2. The "Google Most Inspiring Internet for Good", " Online Shop of the Year", "Astro Top Online Overachiever Under-15" and " Fave Tech Head" awards saw the biggest increases in votes garnered, compared to last year. There were 8 categories with more than 10,000 votes each.
  3. Of the 1,705 unique entries, apart from "Malaysiakini Photojournalist of the Year" and "Nuffnang Blogger of the Year" categories which recorded huge numbers of entries, the remaining entries were split evenly across all other categories.
  4. Among the new categories in 2012, the "Malaysiakini Photojournalist of the Year", " Most Promising Webpreneur of the Year", and "Yahoo! Social Media Gathering of the Year" categories did very well, garnering 32% of all votes.
  5. In terms of entry formats, blogs still made up the largest percentage, but both photo and video entries each more than tripled compared to last year.

In addition to public voting, entries with the most votes in each category were evaluated by the judges, based on originality, relevance, execution and impact they have made on others. From the scores, 5 finalists from each of the 16 categories were invited to attend the awards ceremony. The DiGi WWWOW People's Choice of The Year Award 2012 went to the nominee with the highest number of popular votes while the DiGi WWWOW Of The Year 2012 award was presented to the most inspirational entry of all amongst the winners of the 14 categories, based on the judges' decision.

The DiGi WWWOW Internet For All Awards Event Finale saw 16 awards presented as follows:

  1. ASTRO Top Online Over-Achiever Under 15 - ImanSyippo, Vote for me :)
  2. Nuffnang Fave Makan-Makan Expert 2012 - Fried Chillis
  3. Nuffnang Fave Kay Poh 2012 - Rotikaya
  4. Fave Tech Head 2012 -
  5. Online Shop of the Year 2012 - friendlyfashion
  6. Nuffnang Blogger of The Year 2012 - Bro, Don't Like That La, Bro
  7. Google Most Inspiring Internet for Good Award 2012 -
  8. Innity Funniest Video of The Year 2012 - My Generasi
  9. InMobi Mobile Short Film of The Year 2012 - Terima Kasih Malaysia: Belacan
  10. Malaysiakini PhotoJournalist of The Year 2012 - Sea Gypsies
  11. MSN Breakthrough Star Performer of The Year 2012 - Talents of SMK Seafield
  12. Yahoo! Social Media Gathering of The Year 2012 - Tweet-Up Kaseh
  13. Most Promising Webpreneur of the Year 2012 - Christy Ng Shoes
  14. Samsung App of the Year Award 2012 - First Words for Geeks
  15. DiGi WWWOW People's Choice of The Year Award 2012 (by popular vote) -
  16. DiGi WWWOW Of The Year 2012 (The Best of The Best) -

In addition to celebrity judges such as actresses Lisa Surihani and Sharifah Sofia, TV Chef Anis Nabillah and rapper Altimet, the expert judging panel included senior personnel from partners like Air AsiaX, Google Malaysia, Yahoo! Malaysia, Catcha Digital, Nuffnang, Malaysiakini, as well as from DiGi and prominent online media content producers. For the full list of judges, please visit

The DiGi WWWOW Internet For All Awards 2012, held for the second year running, features returning collaborators from DiGi WWWOW Awards 2011 (ASTRO,,, Google, Exabytes, MSN,, Nuffnang bloggers,, and Yahoo!) as well as seven (7) new partners, namely AirAsia X, Samsung Malaysia Electronics, Chartis Insurance, DiGi Simple MasterCard, InMobi, Innity and Malaysiakini.

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About the DiGi WWWOW Internet For All Awards 2012

The DiGi WWWOW Awards is Malaysia's and only Internet For All awards, celebrating the achievements of ordinary Malaysians online. The DiGi-initiated awards celebration is based on 100% user-generated entries to showcase the incredible creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurialism of ordinary Malaysians using the Internet in extraordinary ways to inspire others. It is supported by PEMANDU along with 20 partner brands and companies who believe in the power of the Internet to transform collaboration, community and commerce.

The winner of the People's Choice of the Year Award 2012 will be determined by popular vote while the winner of The Best of the Best Award is selected by the judges from the winners of the remaining 14 awards, all of which are selected based on a combined score of popular votes and judges' decision.