MYRodeo Sdn Bhd. ups their engagement adventure with Digi's iFleet

Press Release
March 7, 2018


  • 'Adtech' company changes the game for Transit Out Of Home Media by leveraging on the advanced telematics of Digi's iFleet

Shah Alam, 8 March 2018 - MYRodeo Sdn. Bhd (Rodeo) announced its partnership with Digi's iFleet today to provide enhanced tracking results of its 'adtech' campaigns across the multiple transportation modes that they utilize to carry advertiser branding. iFleet is a B2B solution targeted at commercial vehicles, the first IoT solution Digi is introducing from its range of Connected Vehicle offerings. The intelligent fleet tracking solution enables businesses to track their fleet in real-time and is currently the most robust all-in-one solution available in the market.

Providing an Intelligent solution To Transit OOH Media
Traditionally, Transit Out Of Home Media involves wrapping a vehicle in advertiser branding and sending it along a predetermined route based on estimated footfall or traffic per day. Now imagine if you could add a layer of intelligence to this: for example, what if you could divert your vehicles to target a certain area at a certain time, thus maximising the effectiveness of your client’s campaign and stretching their advertising ringgit?

By leveraging on iFleet’s advanced telematics solution, Rodeo is able to run ‘controlled campaigns’ around Klang Valley to ensure vehicles are not only travelling around designated zones to display their advertiser’s brands wrapped on vehicles but also generate value added services such as on-demand tracking and reports to support clients. What makes iFleet so powerful with its minute by minute tracking is that campaign leads can monitor an on-going campaign and theoretically change parameters on the fly and turn a static campaign into an engagement adventure!

Valens Subramaniam, CEO of Rodeo said, "In order to incentivise drivers and clients, we have created a campaign termed 'Swarm', in which a popular area is targeted and vehicles are directed to ‘swarm’ around the area to increase visibility of the ads. Through iFleet’s Geofencing and notification capabilities, Rodeo can now monitor the number of vehicles entering the targeted areas and reward participating drivers accordingly."

Digi and IoT – a winning combination for your business
Praveen Rajan, Digi's Chief Digital Officer said, "In the past six months we have shown how iFleet as a solution is able to meet business needs across a wide range of industries – from delivering ice across challenging landscapes for Atlas Ice to saving lives with Medilife Ambulance. Our connected vehicle strategy continues to flex real business value by enabling disruptors such as Rodeo, to disrupt the Transit Out Of Home Media category and change the game."

SMEs can leverage iFleet’s RM1 Million give away fund to upgrade their fleet
Enterprises who are interested in upgrading their fleet using IoT technology should participate in iFleet's RM1 Million Fleet Transformation Fund. SMEs with a fleet size of up to 30 vehicles are encouraged to apply to the fund, which will be open for applications until 31 March 2018. Successful applicants will receive up to RM10,000 in total subsidy amount for the installation of iFleet in their vehicles and also a subsidy towards the subscription of iFleet services.

iFleet is the ideal B2B solution for commercial vehicles. Key advantages of iFleet over competing solutions include:

  • All inclusive solution that takes care of hardware, software and connectivity at one go
  • Advanced tracking technology providing greater fleet insights to improve business productivity
  • Driver behaviour insights and scoring to instill safe driving culture
  • A continuously evolving value-added solution introducing features beyond tracking, such as smart fuel management and usage-based insurance (UBI) ready to name a few

iFleet is available to all Malaysian enterprises interested in leveraging digital technology as a competitive advantage for their business, at an affordable RM90/vehicle fee for the all-in-one fleet tracking solution. For more information on iFleet, visit: