Getting the party started is now simpler with Omni

Press Release
July 23, 2019

Interactive virtual receptionist and extension increases work efficiency by directing callers to the right people

SUBANG JAYA, 24 JULY 2019 – Putting an event together involves many moving parts, and the hassle of contacting the right people to assist you can be a challenge. Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi)’s Omni, an all-in-one virtual office phone solution for business needs seeks to change that.

Omni provides office landline numbers that operates fully on smartphones and offers features such as interactive virtual receptionists, call menus and extension lines, which can be routed to specific employees and departments. As Omni operates 100% on a mobile app, it fully does away with the need for on-site installation or complex software integrations and the relevant maintenance cost that comes with it. Anybody can own an office fixed line with enterprise-level features from as low as RM69 per month.

Digi’s Chief Digital Officer, Praveen Rajan says: “Digitalisation does not need to be complicated and it brings a lot of benefits to business owners who are willing to take the leap. With solutions such as Omni, we hope that business owners are able to take control of the aspects of their businesses that they wish to digitalise in order to streamline their processes and work much more efficiently.”

Glowing Party House, a brand under Glowing Concept Sdn Bhd, a one stop shop for party supplies, subscribed to Omni’s services as they noticed their clients were having trouble reaching the right outlet and department. This was not ideal as they needed to be able to communicate with existing and potential clients to ensure they received more sales.

Dato’ Muhamad Nasron, Chief Executive Officer of Glowing Concept expressed that they needed a fast and simple solution as they had difficulties synchronising their contact numbers. Clients could not reach the necessary people in the correct departments with ease, and they knew they needed to digitalise and streamline their sales and operations departments as those were the main source of income for the company.

However, they were not able to find a solution as they lacked in-house resources and specialists for the digitisation process. After doing their own research for a suitable PABX solution, Nasron found Omni and discovered that it addressed all their needs – a simple solution that could be operated easily, at a low initial entry fee with no set up hassle.

Now, instead of using separate landline numbers for their various outlets, they are able to simply manage all their outlets into extension lines within Omni.

Currently, the company is utilising the voice recording function for their Interactive Virtual Receptionist in two languages – English and Malay – in order to cater to the local crowd so they have a choice of either one. This feature has proven to be useful as clients who attempt to contact their now closed Bangi Sentral outlet can be redirected to their Reko Sentral Kajang outlet with just a press of a button.

“Omni’s service has also helped us track our communications usage. Since using the extension (lines) feature, we are able to quickly channel our clients directly to the relevant outlet or department. We have also created a dedicated extension line for customers to lodge reports and complaints, which has helped us a lot. Thanks to Omni, we are able to serve our customers better, quicker and provide them more value for their money,” he says.

He added that workflow has become much simpler as they are able to monitor their processes more efficiently and make better decisions. According to him, Omni has also greatly improved their branding and image, as potential clients are impressed with their usage of a seemingly complex call system that efficiently directs them to the right individuals, achieving all this without a single deskphone in-store.

Omni offers various features such as a customisable call menu, call recording, intelligent call routing and multi-extensions capabilities. Customers are not bound by a contract and only need to pay for the service through a monthly subscription.

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