Elizabeth Tan's Knock Knock like you've never heard it before

Press Release
March 12, 2015


For immediate publication

Elizabeth Tan's Knock Knock like you've never heard it before

Shah Alam, 13 March, 2015 - Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ("Digi") has produced a musical collaboration never before seen on Malaysian shores with today's hottest local artistes as part of the telco's launch of its latest product for music lovers - the Digi Music Freedom pass.

YouTube sensations Elizabeth Tan, Shawn Lee, Diandra Arjunaidi, Narmi and busking group Genji were joined by established rockers Bunkface as they banded together to perform Tan's highly popular single, Knock Knock, in their own unique musical genres - all on one song. The song, composed by local star Faizal Tahir was released recently and has been getting plenty of airtime on local radio stations.

"We thought it would be the perfect song for our launch event, said Christian Thrane," Chief Marketing Officer of Digi. "It's upbeat, catchy and when we combine it with all the musical talent in the video, we immediately knew this song would match the excitement and energy within Digi as we launched Digi Music Freedom."

When talking about the artistes featured in the video, Thrane said: "Digi has always been a strong supporter of local artistes and we simply could not pass up this opportunity to work with some of the most exciting entertainers in the country. They've proven how talented they are with this sensational video."

The video was produced as part of the telco's introduction to its Music Freedom pass which is tailored to all music lovers. "Just like our new service offering, this video showcases a freedom to enjoy music in whatever way we want without restrictions," Thrane added.

Digi subscribers with any Internet plan can now activate the Music Freedom pass for unlimited streaming of all the music they want from the most popular music discovery, streaming and Internet radio services including Deezer, Spotify, Rdio, KKBox, SoundHound, Hitz.fm, Era.fm, My.fm, BE-AT.TV and Q.us without worrying about expensive data changes or eating into their data quota.

The artistes featured in the video were excited to be part of it. "I think it's an awesome effort as it shows that all the different genres can work together and still sound great. It shows originality and the freedom to express ourselves in our own style. I love it!" Elizabeth said.

"I think it went really well. The mash up was awesome and of course I had loads of fun doing this with the rest," said beatboxer Shawn Lee.

"It was interesting seeing many artistes of different sounds and backgrounds come together to work on the same song while showing their individual styles. It was a fun effort and just goes to show how music is a universal language. It can be done in so many ways for different audiences to relate to and appreciate," Diandra added.

"I think the collaboration was awesome. It really shows the colours of Malaysian music and the video totally reflected that. It was definitely an eye opener and a learning experience," said Narmi.

"Knock-Knock already has a very catchy tune but the collaboration we did together with all the musicians involved just added another creative aspect to the song and proved how music from different genres sounds awesome under the same melody," Sam & Paan of Bunkface chimed in.

The Knock Knock Digi Music Freedom Remix mash-up video can be viewed on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/GTXZYI0dCnY

For more information on the Digi Music Freedom pass, visit http://digi.my/musicfreedom