EDGE PC card for DiGi customers nationwide

Press Release
February 24, 2005

EDGE PC card for DiGi customers nationwide

DiGi supports convergence of IT and mobile technologies with launch of new product

Kuala Lumpur, February 25 2005 - In keeping its commitment of providing the widest range of data services to customers, DiGi today launched EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) PC (personal computer) card for laptop and wireless PDA users.

The data cards, available for the first time in Malaysia, allow DiGi customers to enjoy broadband Internet access anywhere within the DiGi EDGE coverage areas. With just one simple-to-use data card inserted into their laptops, users can easily access the Internet and even their corporate information systems - such as company Intranet, email and SMS anywhere, anytime, at a speed comparable to broadband. Busy professionals who are constantly on the move can look to such high-speed connectivity to boost their productivity.

The industry is approaching a trend where mobile devices meet the tremendous resources of the internet, creating a new paradigm in communications. The convergence of IT and mobile technologies on mobile devices offer customers seamless and uninterrupted connection to services and contents independent of place, time and pace. DiGi is already able to offer this to our customers on our EDGE technology currently, and as integrated technologies become more prevalent, customers are assured even wider accessibility on the move.

Announcing the availability of the cards at its HighSpeed Mobile Network showcase in Johor Bahru, DiGi's Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Jon Eddy said, "When connected to our EDGE network, users will be able to enjoy data speeds three times faster than GPRS . This means greatly improved downloading speeds which are useful for downloading emails with large attachments, wirelessly."

The use of the data card is not limited to just areas with EDGE coverage. For DiGi customers who travel in and out of the EDGE coverage areas, they can enjoy seamless connectivity between DiGi's HighSpeed Mobile Network and its nationwide GPRS networks, with the data card allowing for automatic selection of the strongest network available.

DiGi's target market for this service is all prepaid and postpaid customers who wish to connect to GPRS/HighSpeed Mobile Network for internet surfing and accessing email while on the move. The card is being sold at a retail price of RM1,299 per piece. Usage charges will be equivalent to DiGi's mobile data package, which is currently being promoted at either the RM99 unlimited high speed data package (postpaid) or RM199 max cap at 10sen per 10kb for both postpaid and prepaid. For existing Discovers business sales customers, the card is sold at RM1,150 whereas for customers who opt for either Discover Prime or Discover Classic, the card is sold at a fixed RM550 per piece. DiGi customers are able to purchase these cards at DiGi Specialised Stores located at DiGi Centers nationwide. For more information on the EDGE PC card, customers can visit www.digi.com.my.

DiGi's HighSpeed Mobile Network is currently available in Klang Valley, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, Penang and Johor Bharu. The company is aggressively increasing its EDGE coverage in key market centers nationwide such as Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Ipoh, Kuantan, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching and expects its network to become operational here by end 2005.

DiGi's announcement of its EDGE PC card was made at the DiGi's HighSpeed Mobile Network showcase in City Square Plaza Atrium in Johor Bahru. Organised from February 26 - 27 2005, the showcase was officiated by State Exco member YB Tan Kok Hong. The showcase was organized to educate and create awareness amongst Johoreans on DiGi's HighSpeed Mobile Network and its innovative services.

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