D'podCast to offer mobile podcasts from Bollywood

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February 24, 2008

D'podCast to offer mobile podcasts from Bollywood
DiGi provides latest Bollywood entertainment content in March 2008

SHAH ALAM, 25 February 2008: Subscribers to D'podCast of DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ("DiGi") would be amongst the first to enjoy mobile podcasts from Bollywood top studios after an MOU was signed between TIME Broadband Services Pvt Ltd (TIME Broadband India) and Stanton Technologies today.

TIME Broadband India is responsible for sourcing and provision of content from top Bollywood studios, whereby Stanton Technologies is contributing its rights to IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) to deliver the content over DiGi's D'podCast.

"D'podCast was the first-of-its kind service in Malaysia when it was launched in October 2007. DiGi subscribers would soon have access to premium Bollywood entertainment news, dramas and some of the latest movies reproduced into mobile episodes, or commonly known as "mobisodes", at no extra charge," revealed Albern Murty, DiGi's Head of Product Development & Management.

"This MOU reaffirms our dedication to DiGi and its customers, who expect more high quality and varied content to be part of their lives. We will continue to seek to enhance its content offerings, and with this joint venture, we are confident that each of DiGi customers will have in their hand, the ultimate mobile entertainment experience through their handheld devices," said Mervin Nevis, Stanton Technologies' Chief Executive Officer.

"We strongly believe the partnership between Time Broadband Services and Stanton Technologies will succeed in bringing a great experience to the people of Malaysia, and in the near future, to a great part of South East Asia. The combination of right technology from Stanton Technologies as the enabler, and premium compelling content from Time Broadband Services as the driver, will surely bring a new dimension of experience to the DiGi subscribers," added Sujata Dev, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of TIME Broadband India.

Albern added, "As D'podCast is an on-demand service, subscribers have the freedom to choose which content they prefer from six categories of popular podcast channels. Fans of famous Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachan, Kareena Kapoor, Aisywarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan would have a dream service in their hands. Subscribers can view the latest entertainment news, drama series and special mobisodes from the top studios of Bollywood while on the move."

With D'podCast, DiGi customers can enjoy the mobility of listening to their favourite podcasts everywhere and anywhere, without having to first download them from the internet onto their portable music players. Mobile Podcast is delivered via DiGi's High Speed Mobile Network to their mobile phones when the customers watch or listen to the video and audio contents. The podcasts will be updated automatically whenever there are new contents available on the internet as and when the customers browse the site on their phones. The podcasts can be streamed live anytime and anywhere within the DiGi network.

For more information on DiGi D'podCast, please log on to www.digi.com.my

About DiGi

DiGi is Malaysia's fastest growing mobile operator driving innovations, simplicity and best value to enrich lifestyles through DiGi Prepaid, DiGi Postpaid and DiGi Business.

About Stanton Technologies
Leading in integrated digital media delivery solutions (iDMDS), Stanton Technologies has launched itself into the forefront of mobile TV (IPTV), a projected US4billion industry. Besides being an iDMDS provider, Stanton Technologies, a MSC status company, is currently a major distributor of computer and mobile communication related products in Western Europe through its distribution networks in Denmark, Germany, Lithuania and Switzerland.

Armed with the latest technology, Stanton Technologies is geared towards delivering digital media content to mobile phones and devices through the mobile connectivity of Edge, 3G, HDPA, 4G, WiFi and Wimax. A patented and fully functional IPTV Mobile Servers solution when integrated with the telcos' infrastructure and distribution gateway enables the delivery of audio and video to mobile devices. A   first of its kind IPTV Mobile Solution will enable end users/customers to have the option to enjoy targeted mobile TV content services instead of the generally available content in current broadcasting world.

About TIME Broadband India
Time Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. (TBSPL) was incorporated on 11th Jan 2005 by "TIME" Group of Promoters, comprising of content specialists and technical experts; duly supported by a core team of professionals; having combined 160 man-years of experience in the emerging media world. TBSPL has managed to move forward in this industry armed with a platform that combines both telecommunication and entertainment through proper application of digital information technology.

The global transformation witnessed in the past one year has been the inspiration of our company; to act as the pioneering entity in content delivery networking. The combination of H.264 AVC as the station format riding on IPV6 based IPTV on broadband platforms has received global appreciation.