Digi to provide relief for 1,000 families affected by monsoon flood

Press Release
December 5, 2019

SUBANG JAYA, 6 DECEMBER 2019 – With the monsoon season underway and heavy rain forecasted to continue until early next year for most states across Malaysia, Digi aims to provide relief for up to 1,000 families in flood-prone regions across the country, including East Malaysia.

Digi will be distributing the bare necessities such as toiletries, power banks and waterproof bags,and a Flood Preparedness Kit that contains flood information and instructions for the next 8-10 weeks in anticipation of floods.To ensure that all flood victims can stay connected to the latest news and to their loved ones,Digi has also pre-arranged for domestic roaming plans with other telcos.

Digi Head of Sustainability Philip Ling stresses that prevention and preparation is necessary for those staying in flood-prone areas. "We understand that when there’s a flood, the most important thing is to ensure our loved ones are safe and we are able to locate their whereabouts, while keeping abreast of latest safety updates. As part of our Yellow Heart initiative, we are committed to empowering communities and ensuring that they are given the assistance that they need to overcome the flood and to stay safe during this season," said Philip.

Digi has team son standby for the deployment of flood aid, including restoration relief to help in cleanup after the flood recedes.

For more information and other tips on keeping safe during the monsoon season, visit https://bit.ly/FloodKit.