DiGi takes mobile services to the next level

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October 15, 2006

DiGi takes mobile services to the next level
For the first time in Malaysia: One low, flat rate for calls to anyone, on any network, any time, anywhere

- Make inter-operator calls at one low, flat rate
- Make outstation calls at one low, flat rate
- Make calls any time at the same low, flat rate

SHAH ALAM, 16 October 2006: The pioneer of prepaid mobile services, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ("DiGi"), is taking prepaid mobile services to the next level with the announcement of a new tariff structure. Now, all DiGi Prepaid customers will be able to enjoy just one low flat rate for calls to anyone on any network, at any time to anywhere.

Effective today, DiGi Prepaid customers need only pay 38 sen per minute (monthly usage of more than just RM30) for all voice calls nationwide, regardless of whether it is an outstation, inter-operator or peak hour call - no strings attached.

Morten Lundal, DiGi's Chief Executive Officer said the new tariff structure was designed to give customers what they wanted in terms of simplicity, best value and fairness.

"Since we introduced the first prepaid mobile service in 1997, the prepaid segment has grown by leaps and bounds. More and more innovative services, rate plans and packages have been introduced, serving some purpose, but also adding layers of complexity to making a phone call," he said.

"Today, we are taking prepaid mobile services to the next level with a new tariff structure that has never been introduced before in Malaysia. Customers should not be made to calculate different rates for calls to different operators or to different states. There are so many limitations to making a phone call and getting the best value from it."

"We want to give our prepaid customers one simple smart plan with one low, flat rate so they can always be sure they are getting great value all the time. Customers can even call other operators from DiGi at rates as cheap as if they were to make calls from and inside those operators’ networks," Lundal added.

Currently, there is a gap between the rates that the operators publish and the ones that the customers are experiencing. Prepaid mobile services customers are charged different rates for intra-operator and inter-operator network calls. In addition, all operators have imposed premium pricing for calls made to other network's outstation customers.

"With the new tariff structure, DiGi customers will only be charged one low, flat rate for all calls. Rates such as these have never been implemented before in Malaysia. There are no hidden costs. There is no fine print. Customers pay only one low, flat rate for any call to anyone, on any network, any time, anywhere," explained Lundal.

The charges are dependent on the customer's usage. Customers who use more than RM30 per month will be charged 38 sen per minute per call.

Additionally, customers currently enjoying DiGi's 'Friends and Family' package will be able to call six designated 'Friends and Family' numbers at just 15 sen per minute, per call and 1sen SMS.

"This is about giving freedom to our customers. Now, our customers do not have to make extensive calculations and multiple SIM cards to ensure they get the best value for their money. They just make the call knowing that they will be charged just one low, flat rate. DiGi is pleased to be the first to introduce this to the Malaysian market because we put our customers at the centre of our business. This is not innovation for innovation's sake; we innovate because we want our customers to benefit from better services, better products and a better deal."

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