DiGi sets new precedent in prepaid market with two breakthrough services

Press Release
April 11, 2006

DiGi sets new precedent in prepaid market with two breakthrough services
Talktime Extend and Talktime Advance set to rewrite industry landscape

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 April 2006 - Prepaid mobile users will be freed from the shackles of industry norm as DiGi sets a new industry precedent through the DiGi Talktime Extend and Talktime Advance services introduced today.

The new Talktime Extend service allows prepaid customers to exchange airtime balance for validity. The service is specially created for customers with low usage patterns, and who would rather exchange their high balances for validity.

In addition, Talktime Advance assists prepaid customers who constantly run out of airtime credit and need to make one last call. Through Talktime Advance, customers will be able to receive airtime credit from DiGi whenever the need arises.

Chee Pok Jin, DiGi's Chief Marketing Officer said DiGi Talktime Extend and Talktime Advance services are the first-of-their-kind in the country and are set to redefine prepaid mobile services in Malaysia.

"There are some things about prepaid mobile services we've come to accept as a norm, without question. Today is about asking questions. Because we believe we can always do better for our customers. It's about ensuring our customers have a particular service for their particular need. This will become more evident as market penetration increases and subscribers become more discerning," said Chee.

"The value-added services launched today are a reflection of our appreciation towards our customers; understanding their needs and redefining what prepaid services should really be about for all prepaid subscribers."Albern Murty, DiGi's Head of Product Management said these two services are further additions to our talktime services offering and cater for two specific needs - longer validity and insufficient credit.

"By providing Talktime Extend, users can stay active longer by exchanging their high credit balances. This provides prepaid subscribers with a choice of either reloading or using his outstanding credit balance to stay active" said Murty.

"Talktime Advance is about providing high end users with the flexibility of staying connected even after running out of credit" he added.

Both these services are accessible via a user-friendly, menu-based command. For Talktime Extend, customers can exchange RM35 of their remaining credit balance for 30 days validity.

Talktime Advance offers a credit of RM3.00 with a two-day validity period and is available to subscribers with a tenure of six months or more.

Talktime Advance is available now while Talktime Extend will be offered on a promotional basis for 2 months.

Talktime Extend and Talktime Advance are part of the Talktime family of services which also includes Talktime Transfer. With Talktime Extend and Talktime Advance, DiGi once again provides customers with the most complete prepaid service.

For more information on these new services, visit www.digi.com.my.

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