DiGi redefines real value in broadband

Press Release
March 18, 2009

DiGi redefines real value in broadband
Launching Malaysia's first 14.4Mbps network and simplifying broadband for the right customer experience.  

Petaling Jaya, 19 March 2009: DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ("DiGi") today launched its broadband service with a clear promise of value and quality internet to the people to set right customer experience and expectations.

Speaking at the official launch graced by the Minister of Energy, Water and Communications YB Dato' Shaziman bin Abu Mansor, Johan Dennelind chief executive officer addressed the need to shake up the current broadband user experience.

"It is about getting it right for the customers with meaningful differences to make broadband a little nicer. We are challenged to be the initiator of change in the broadband market the same way we did in voice, which we are excited to do."

"We have capitalised on the broadband experience of others including Telenor's best practices. Our go-to-market strategies turn the tables on market norms with a fresh approach to broadband that puts customer experience as a top priority," said Dennelind.

DiGi will continue to deliver its best value proposition for its customers with average speeds of 700Kbps for as low as RM2 per day.

Dennelind said, "We prefer to focus on average speeds to be transparent to our customers on exactly what they'll get for the price they're paying.  Current market practice promises theoretical limits where customers are charged for bandwidth that they may not need or even get as in reality, the speed fluctuates."

Being the newest broadband provider, DiGi has invested in the latest HSPA technology to be the first in Malaysia deploying a 14.4Mbps network to enable both fast downloads and uploads.

"While we leverage on technological innovation, we will also place equal weight on delivering quality experience to our customers. We are determined to get this right.  To this end, DiGi will be managing our bandwidth capacity closely to ensure network stability for reliable customer experience," said Dennelind.

At launch, 3G broadband service will be made available at Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Sunway and Bangsar. Customers in other key areas of Klang Valley will be able to experience DiGi's broadband service within weeks. DiGi plans to cover more than 1,000 zones at a minimum of 5 market centres by the end of this year. Outside the 3G broadband coverage areas, subscribers will automatically enjoy stable internet connections on the widest EDGE network.

"Our focus will be to deliver quality experience as we roll-out. With broadband penetration of just 21.2% as of end 2008, there is a lot of room to grow. We are confident of being a strong contributor towards increasing broadband penetration in the country. Our aim is to get a third of the broadband market share within the next 5 years," said Dennelind.

To mark its entry into broadband, DiGi will first introduce 3G broadband for PCs while 3G voice and data services for mobile phones will be launched at a later date.

DiGi plans to offer more than broadband plans - customers will also get to enjoy greater value with packages that bundle devices by well-established partners. To promote local content development, DiGi has set up myinternet.com.my, an aggregator site that allows users to customise it as their personal landing page with preferred content.

Dennelind added, "Our broadband journey has just begun. I believe a true test of success would be when we can elevate the quality of broadband experience. We are ready for the challenge to deliver best value Internet to the people."

DiGi looks to invest RM300-400million annually for the next 3 years on its 3G mobile broadband roll-out.

For more information on DiGi Broadband, please visit www.digi.com.my/broadband/home-fibre.

About DiGi
Established in 1995, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd is listed on Bursa Malaysia and is part of the global telecommunications provider, Telenor Group. As the first telco to operate a fully digital mobile network in Malaysia, DiGi focuses on delivering excellent customer experience that are simple, innovative and of best value through DiGi Prepaid, DiGi Postpaid and DiGi Business. Customers can enjoy a fresh broadband experience with the launch of DiGi's 3G/broadband services. Through its corporate initiative, Deep Green, DiGi is committed to a sustainable business that is fiscally and ecologically responsible to all stakeholders.

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