Digi partners with ZTE for nationwide RAN modernisation

Press Release
October 14, 2020

SUBANG JAYA, 15 October 2020 – Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) today announced a partnership with ZTE Corporation (ZTE) for its nationwide Radio Access Network (RAN) modernisation. This is part of Digi’s continuous efforts to enhance its network capacity and deliver improved user experience, while preparing a future-ready network. This modernisation initiative will see ZTE progressively renew Digi’s network sites across Malaysia with the latest 5G technology over the next few years.

Digi’s Chief Technology Officer, Kesavan Sivabalan said, “We believe the use of modernised technology with the latest radio access solutions will deliver overall efficient network, with the speed, efficiency, and agility critical for our continuous day-to-day operations. This initiative will also give us a future-ready 5G network able to provide new and innovative services, and the significantly improved quality of experience.”

ZTE’s Managing Director, Steven Ge said, “We are honored to be chosen as the RAN vendor for Digi. This continues our tradition of working together, which now reaches 10 years. We will continue to support Digi’s goal to connect customers through a high-quality network. Post modernisation, Digi will have a highly-efficient 5G-enabled network.”

This modernisation initiative will upgrade Digi’s RAN with the latest technology evolution that supports higher throughput and lower latency, to meet customers’ growing demand for higher data speeds and smoother internet experiences. It will improve Digi’s network efficiency, with equipment that has higher processing capabilities and that supports new features such as Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, multi Carrier Aggregation, higher order MIMO, and Cellular Internet of Things (C-IoT), catering for future readiness and the eventual adoption of 5G technologies. As a result, customers will experience an enhanced online experience regardless of the type of activities they do, such as video conferencing, online gaming or video streaming.

The modernised and efficient network enables Digi to continue supporting the Government’s JENDELA ambitions to provide widespread quality connectivity for Malaysians nationwide, as a catalyst to the nation’s transformation into digital society.