Digi invites young Malaysian talents to join its CXO Apprentice Programme

Press Release
May 12, 2020

Flagship recruitment programme offers young talents direct mentorship with Chief Officers and employment in a leading digital company

SUBANG JAYA, 13 MAY 2020 - Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) is calling for digitally-savvy and innovative young Malaysians to join its exclusive annual CXO Apprentice Programme.

Now in its fifth year, the programme is designed to inspire the next generation of leaders by empowering them with a unique and transformative experience of being mentored directly by Chief Officers (CXOs), while working at a leading and progressive digital company.

A handful of young Malaysians will be selected for a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity to be tagged as an Apprentice to one of Digi’s eight CXOs for a year, namely the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Business Officer, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Chief Human Resource Officer and Chief Digital Officer.

Throughout the programme, the Apprentices will get unprecedented exposure as they shadow and are mentored by the CXOs, having front-row seats to high-level decision-making. Along with it will be plenty of opportunities to participate in high-impact projects across different business areas, providing them an accelerated journey of learning and personal growth, as well as an in-depth understanding of Digi’s purpose, strategy and way of work. Upon completion of the programme, Apprentices can look forward to getting a placement within the company based on their interests, skills and expertise.

Digi’s Chief Human Resource Officer, Elisabeth Stene said, “We are excited to present this new batch of Apprentices the opportunity to kickstart their careers in the most extraordinary time, learning from and being mentored by the best that the industry has to offer. Beyond the mentorship, the Apprentices will also get to experience hands-on how a digital game-changer like Digi practices agile way of working and cultivates a customer-obsessed culture that drives us to continuously innovate, as we enhance and shape the digital experiences of millions of Malaysians every day.”

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Assessment Process Enhanced with First Virtual Assessment Centre

The Apprentices will be selected via a robust digital-based assessment process, including the first virtual assessment centre. The new virtual assessment tools are designed to incorporate elements of teamwork and competition to bring out different strengths of the candidates, while also giving them the platform to showcase what they can do independently.

The comprehensive assessment process aims to evaluate a candidate’s interpersonal skills, personality and cognitive abilities, which will then help the recruiters in assigning them to the right mentor and projects based on their strengths.

Valuing Diversity and Strength-Based Opportunities

Digi welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and degrees, as the company believes in having diversity of thoughts within its workforce, in order to address the needs of its diverse 11 million customer base. A minimum CGPA score is not a requirement for this programme as Digi values strengths in other experiences such as extracurricular activities that contribute to shaping well-rounded competencies and personalities. All in all, an outstanding candidate is recognised by the attitude, confidence, energy and drive that he or she brings to the table.

Past CXO Apprentices Share Their Growth Journey

Throughout the years, graduating CXO apprentices have been moved into key roles within the company, with several citing their experiences in the programme as having a positive impact on them as individuals and employees.

Year 4 Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Apprentice Jonathan Dason said, "This apprenticeship programme gave me the opportunity to work on several key projects including 5G and they have stretched my abilities and given me a glimpse into the future of not just the country, but also myself."

Year 3 CEO Apprentice, Adhithiya A/P Theawarajan, echoed how she was given the exposure to work for different business units throughout her apprenticeship and the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across Telenor Group.

Khaled Amru Ambok Chening, Year 2 CEO Apprentice shared how the apprenticeship accelerated his growth for the working environment, equipping him with skills such as executing his tasks in an efficient manner, but also gave him a first-hand experience of the Digi culture.

Nicole Wong who served as a Year 1 Chief Marketing Officer Apprentice, concluded her apprenticeship with a memorable takeaway of how Digi kept true to the practice of always putting customers first, witnessing this value in every aspect of decision making in the Marketing division.

Digi CXO Apprentice Year Five 2020 Key Dates

  • Applications for 2020 are now open and will close by 7 June 2020.
  • June-July: Shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate in a comprehensive online assessment and in live video interviews.
  • The Apprentices will be selected by end-July and begin apprenticeship in September.

Who should apply?

  • Final-year university students completing their final semester with a bachelor’s degree, or fresh graduates who have worked for less than a year from any background
  • Open to Malaysians only
  • Communicate well and with confidence
  • Possess the drive to become a game-changer
  • Have the will to win and a desire to overcome challenges
  • Possess a collaborative attitude
  • Able to reason out issues and solve problems
  • Want to work in an agile, leading digital company
  • Innovative and tech-savvy

For more on Digi CXO Apprentice Programme and to apply, visit www.digi.my/cxoapprentice.