Digi introduces new and improved super app altHR and HR Starter Kit

Press Release
June 8, 2021
  • Since launching in 2020, the digital HR super app has expanded to include 20 modules to cater to various business needs
  • Also introducing the “Ultimate HR Starter Kit for 2021”, which comes with a HR digitalisation readiness checklist, to guide businesses on adapting to current times

SUBANG JAYA, 9 June 2021 – Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) today launches a new and improved altHR super app and a HR Starter Kit to assist SMEs and micro businesses in their transition to digital HR.

Introduced last year, altHR is a digital workforce management solution with features built for the current landscape such as paperless leave and expense management, digital sales kits, contactless time tracking and employee onboarding. With these essential HR processes digitalised, companies can track workflow more efficiently and direct their focus towards greater productivity and growth for their business. This year saw the introduction of key features such as payroll, rostering, performance management and the “Ultimate HR Starter Kit for 2021”, a handbook that aims to help businesses further cultivate digital-ready employees.

Head of Digi-X, Lee Kathryn says, “The pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of many businesses. As we go through several phases of movement control orders, remote working has become the ‘now normal’, and may even be the ‘next normal’. HR plays a vital role in this climate and digitalising its processes will help SMEs operate more efficiently while they focus on weathering other challenges brought upon by the current economic landscape. Through the various modules offered in altHR, companies can make use of these diverse features to keep their employees engaged, connected and productive throughout this period.”

The new features and HR Starter Kit were unveiled at a virtual event titled altHR - Future-Proofing Workplaces For Tomorrow , attended by SME and micro businesses from a range of industries. Attendees were brought through a walkthrough of the new and improved app and had the opportunity to listen to business owners who had adopted altHR as part of digitalising and improving their daily HR operations.

During the event, Digi’s Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) Elisabeth Stene shared the company’s own experience pivoting to digital HR means, and how digital HR leadership is key in creating and sustaining a well-run organisation.

altHR is a brainchild of Digi and a result of the company’s search for the ‘perfect’ HR solution to suit their agile and innovative way of work – it is now utilised by Digi employees nationwide and is a solution that can be implemented across all industries. Accessible anytime and anywhere from the office or at home via mobile, laptop, or desktop, altHR is designed to streamline and elevate HR operations, one feature at a time.

Ultimate HR Starter Kit to guide SMEs on their digital transformation journeys
As companies embark on their digitalisation journeys amidst the pandemic, HR remains a key area of focus as it centres around the company’s biggest asset – its people. As such, the team at altHR has put together the “Ultimate HR Starter Kit for 2021” to ensure SMEs and micro businesses have the right guidance and help they need in digitalising their HR processes in current times.

Covering important topics such as Optimising the Workplace for the New Normal, Building an Impactful Employee Onboarding Programme, Improving Employee Well-being and Productivity, as well as the inclusion of a HR Digitalisation Readiness Checklist, the starter kit is available for customers or interested businesses via the altHR website. This starter kit is part of Digi’s efforts to support businesses in their bid to be digital-ready in every aspect of their business.

Full onboarding support for companies who subscribe to altHR
altHR will be providing onboarding support to ease companies’ transition into using altHR. This support encompasses recommendation of best practice policies, training HR teams how to use the different modules and training for employees to use altHR for their day to day HR processes.

Digitalising essential workplace functions for seamless operations
As continuous enhancements are made to improve and upgrade the app, altHR recently rolled out three new key features, making it an app with a comprehensive 20 modules that aim to streamline HR operations and serve the diverse needs of an employee, digitally.

Payroll: Fully compliant with Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) requirements, altHR Payroll will enable companies to manage employee payroll with fine controls over calculations related to pay, claims and other necessary deductions. This allows for more seamless and accurate reporting and processing operations, freeing up the HR team’s time to be spent on other important company matters.

Rostering: altHR Rostering allows managers to set up shift times and assign the roster to specific employees or provide them the option to select their preferred slots. For businesses that require employees to work on-site, altHR Rostering can play a part in ensuring safe social distancing at work by configuring shifts to manage employees at the workplace and those working remotely.

Performance Management: altHR Performance Management enables managers and employees to measure, review and improve work performance through customisable surveys and appraisal cycles. This will encourage continuous learning and development that will benefit both employees and the business in the long run.

In view of the ongoing nationwide Full Movement Control Order (FMCO), Digi is extending its altHR offer for companies interested in digitalising their HR. From now until 30 September 2021, altHR is free for the first 50 employees in the company, with no set-up fees or contract required.

For more information about altHR or to sign up for altHR, please visit https://althr.my/.

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