Digi customers can unlock free upgrade to 5G this 10 November 2022

Press Release
November 8, 2022

SUBANG JAYA, 8 NOVEMBER 2022 – Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) today announces that 5G access will be made available to its customers on 10 November 2022, starting with Digi Postpaid subscribers. New and existing customers who are on the current-selling Digi Postpaid 90, 120, 150 and Family Unlimited 200 plans will now have the option to upgrade their plans to enable 5G access at no extra cost. This includes PhoneFreedom 365 and Pakej PowerJimat customers on the above plans.

Eligible Digi Postpaid customers can choose to upgrade their plans to 5G simply by activating a 5G Speed Booster via their MyDigi app, as long as they are using compatible 5G-enabled devices and are within 5G network coverage. Digi will continue to gradually unlock 5G access to more customers across a wider range of plans including Digi Prepaid soon.  

With 5G being a newly introduced technology in Malaysia and its coverage still continuously expanding by the day, Digi is leaving the 5G upgrade decision in their customers' hands so that a customer can opt in only when they are ready to do so. And once they are, it's an easy, self-serve activation step away to enable 5G speeds on the customer's plan.  

Having access to 5G, customers get front row seats to faster Internet and improved latency compared to the current 4G experience. This will enrich their overall connectivity and online experiences, including gaming, streaming, video calls and downloads.  

Customers who are on the eligible Digi Postpaid plans and are interested to experience 5G can follow the steps below to activate 5G, available from 10 November:  

Step 1: Download and launch the MyDigi App.

Step 2: Go to “Buy Add-Ons.”

Step 3: Choose “5G Speed Booster” and confirm activation for free.

Digi Business customers on Go Digi 98 and 128 plans also have the option to activate access to 5G services on their plans via the same method above.  

To check 5G coverage areas and for more information on Digi’s 5G device bundles or 5G in general, please visit https://digi.my/5G.