Digi customers can now enjoy seamless and worry-free international roaming in Singapore.

Press Release
October 11, 2016

Digi customers can now enjoy seamless and worry-free international roaming in Singapore

  • Convenience of using a single local mobile phone number in Malaysia and Singapore without the worry of expensive charges to stay connected. Malaysians working across the causeway to benefit the most.
  • Free international roaming in Singapore for selected Digi Postpaid plans, nominal charges for other plans
  • Digi Postpaid now comes bundled with free weekend 4G LTE high-speed internet quota

SHAH ALAM, 12 October 2016 - Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd ("Digi") today revealed its latest international roaming pass that provides customers constant connectivity when travelling to Singapore. Digi RoamBorder now allows postpaid customers to use voice and Internet roaming in the island state as though they were at home.

Loh Keh Jiat, Digi's Chief Marketing Officer said, "RoamBorder provides the ultimate convenience and value to Malaysians who travel to Singapore daily particularly for work. With the new pass, Digi customers can now use their Malaysian Digi line in Singapore without the hassle of owning a secondary local line."

Working in partnership with Singapore's leading telco StarHub, the new Digi RoamBorder will allow customers to connect to StarHub's network once they leave the Malaysian border where they will be able to enjoy up to 5GB internet roaming quota as well as 60 minutes talk time for making calls to Malaysia and Singapore numbers as well as receiving calls from any numbers. RoamBorder costs only RM30 monthly, however Digi is currently offering generous discounts depending on the type of plan the customer is on.

"We understand the importance of staying connected and RoamBorder will allow our customers to easily benefit from our partnership with StarHub so that they only need to maintain their Digi mobile phone number. This ensures our customers will enjoy a seamless transition between networks and achieve constant connectivity. In addition, Digi subscribers will receive generous internet roaming quota and calls bundled into the passes enabling them to stay connected to their loved ones at all times," added Loh.

Digi Postpaid customers can now visit their nearest Digi Store or authorised dealer to sign up for RoamBorder. Customers with selected rate plans that sign up before 1 December 2016 will also be able to enjoy full monthly rebates when signing up for the passes.

Along with this announcement, Digi also launched the latest Digi Postpaid plan offers which come bundled with additional weekend 4G high-speed internet quota for free. This limited time offer also allows those who want to take advantage of Digi RoamBorder to subscribe to it either for free or for a nominal monthly fee.

Digi RoamBorder is part of Digi's new Roam Like Home series of products for customers who travel frequently and need international roaming to stay connected with their loved ones. For detailed information on RoamBorder, check out the Frequently Asked Questions at digi.my/roaming.