Digi builds digital resilience for school children through superhero-themed contest

Press Release
February 11, 2020

SUBANG JAYA, 12 FEBRUARY 2020 – Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (“Digi”) is collaborating with the Ministry of Education Malaysia and Google Malaysia to launch the second iteration of the Yellow Heart CyberSAFE in Schools Competition in conjunction with Safer Internet Day.

The competition is part of the CyberSAFE in Schools public-private initiative that started in 2011 to address rising concerns around online risks through awareness raising, capacity building for digital resilience and to empower schoolchildren and teachers with digital citizenship skills to stay safe online.

The 2020 CyberSAFE in Schools Competition discusses the issue of disinformation through audio visual manipulation such as deepfakes and shallowfakes, which are emerging online risks among an increasingly connected and advanced digital space. Deepfakes uses AI or complex technologies to manipulate a voice, face or image to create digitally altered media while shallowfakes or also known as cheapfakes is more of crude videos that have been selectively edited to misrepresent information or even just simple tricks of mislabelling content with an intention to discredit or disinform. Both technologies have become increasingly popular and embraced by young people who use them to simply make fun of their friends, as a tool to spread false news and launch targeted attacks through realistic doctored videos, especially on social media.

Open to all primary and secondary students nationwide, students are required to watch a video-story theme around disinformation exclusively created by popular animator Cartoon Hooligans. The video which features the four superheroes, Ah Hock, Besi Man, Black Harimau and Steve Rojak tackling the issue of how information can be easily manipulated and spread maliciously on the internet but ends in a cliff hanger. Participating students will then need to come up with a solution to the issue by providing a creative ending using information gained from the resources and education games available from www.cybersafeinschools.my. Submissions are through online via the same website.

Philip Ling, Digi’s Head of Sustainability said that the 2020 Yellow Heart CyberSAFE in Schools Competition is an extension of Digi’s Yellow Heart mission to empower communities with internet access while equipping them with the digital skills for responsible digital usage.

"With the ever-evolving risks arising from increased internet access and maturing technology, it is vital that we equip our children with the know-how on recognising online risks and critical thinking skills to take the right actions in mitigating the potential harm of these dangers. Through the relatable superhero characters and engaging digital content, we hope we can highlight the different scenarios besides raising awareness and driving conversation around cyber safety issues, ultimately empowering youth to use online technology for good," he says.  

The competition will be held from February 2020 until October 2020 in three, 3-month long seasons. Each season will have 4 winners (primary and secondary schools) that will walk away with a cash prize of RM200 and goodies worth RM400. One winner will be chosen as the Grand Winner from each season and will be entitled to a Mystery Grand Prize.

Digi's Yellow Heart sustainability arm continuously advocates for keeping communities safe and connected through responsible digital usage via two focus areas – Digital Inclusion and Digital Resilience. As part of its commitment to United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) #10 Reducing Inequalities, Digi seeks to empower undeserved and underprivileged communities with digital solutions to connect them to what matters most.

For more information on the campaign and to join the CyberSAFE in Schools 2020 competition, visit https://cybersafeinschools.my. To learn more about Digi Yellow Heart, visit https://www.digi.com.my/sustainability-yellow-heart.