Digi announces availability of WhatsApp Business for Omni landline numbers

Press Release
November 18, 2019
  • Combining Whatsapp Business and Omni Hotline allows businesses to communicate with customers using the same landline number, professionally
  • New feature available at no additional cost

SUBANG JAYA, 19 November 2019 – Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi)'s virtual business phone solution, Omni Hotline can now be used with WhatsApp Business at no additional cost.

Businesses that are using Omni can now send messages via WhatsApp Business using the same, professional landline number they have subscribed to in order to serve their customers better, instead of conventional mobile numbers.

In addition to increasing brand credibility, the new feature allows businesses to set up automated responses, send quick replies and responses to common FAQs, and easily alert their customers on ongoing promotions or announcements through WhatsApp text. This provides them with the option of sending broadcast messages as opposed to paying for a traditional SMS, optimising the use of the application and making it more cost-effective.

Omni Hotline operates fully on a mobile app, which does away with clunky desk phones and other hardware investments. Businesses can make use of the virtual receptionist who can redirect phone calls to the right people no matter where they are located. There are also no contracts and deposits involved –businesses only need to select a plan that meets their requirements and pay a monthly fee, similar to subscribing to a postpaid mobile phone plan.

The introduction of this brand new feature is in line with Digi’s mission to help digitalise SMEs in Malaysia with better ways to manage their businesses.

For more information on this new feature or to sign up, visit https://omnihotline.my/