Celebrate the patriotic month with exclusive MyDigi Shop deals

Press Release
September 14, 2021

Celebrate the patriotic month with exclusive MyDigi Shop deals

SUBANG JAYA, 14 September 2021 – Support the economy and enjoy exciting deals while you are at it through Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd’s Malaysia Sentiasa di Hatiku festive campaign. The MyDigi Shop deals can be accessed through the MyDigi app from now until 30 September 2021 with lifestyle and food and beverage offers starting from as low as RM2.40!  

1. Treat yourself to ice cream from Baskin Robbins

The Malaysian hot spells have got you craving for ice cream? Why not treat yourself to a Junior Scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins at RM5.09.

2. Enjoy a sweet day with Inside Scoop's exclusive offer

Choose a Single Scoop of the Standard or Premium Flavour of Ice Cream from Inside Scoop at just RM6.39.

3. Have a boba-tastic day courtesy of Tiger Sugar

Get a cup of drink worth up to RM13.70 from Tiger Sugar at RM7.39 - that's more than a 40% discount to help you stretch your ringgit!

4. Savour a currypuff with a cup of coffee by San Francisco Coffee

Tuck into a quintessential Malaysian treat - the curry puff - and pair it with a cup of coffee through the combo set by San Francisco Coffee. The set which is worth RM14.50 is now available at RM12.90 courtesy of MyDigi Shop.

5. Bite into your favourite Texas Chicken offerings

If you're a fan of Texas Chicken, look no further than the MyDigi Shop deal of RM7.39 for a voucher worth RM10. That way, you can enjoy your favourite crunchy fried chicken, burgers or wrap through an exciting offer not to be missed.

6. Sip a cup of Java from Espressolab at only RM6.90

For those who are longing for their usual order of a Regular Size Long Black/Latte from EspressoLab, they now get to enjoy it at just RM6.90 instead of RM10.50!

7. RM2.40 coffee at CoffeeBot for java lovers

If you thought you can't get a cup of premium coffee at just RM2.40, think again. Digi customers can look forward to any drinks worth up to RM7.90 from the CoffeeBot Machine at RM2.40 during the campaign period.

8. Grab a Petitllao to satisfy your frozen yoghurt cravings

Any time of the day is the perfect time for some frozen yoghurt. llaollao fans can enjoy a Petitllao worth RM7.45 at just RM5.85.

9. Daily Giveaway for Digi Prepaid NEXT and Postpaid 120 & 150 customers

Digi Prepaid NEXT and Digi Postpaid Plan 120 and 150 customers are treated to an additional offer of FREE Baskin Robbins ice creams, every day, while stocks last.

Fun Spend and Win contest to reward all Digi subscribers

Digi subscribers can opt to join the Spend and Win contest whereby a minimum spend of RM16 on any of the paid items on MyDigi Shop will allow them to be in the running for RM50 Lazada vouchers.

For the full list of these festive offerings, download the MyDigi App via the Apple Store or Google Play Store.