CelcomDigi MY5G CEO Series 2024: 5G, AI and Cloud open possibilities for Malaysian enterprises

Press Release
March 8, 2024

Second edition gathers industry leaders and decision-makers to explore the transformative potential of 5G, showcasing real-world use cases and insights

PETALING JAYA, 8 March 2024 – CelcomDigi Berhad (“CelcomDigi”) held the first 2024 session of its three-part MY5G CEO Series, gathering a group of multi-industry leaders and decision-makers to exchange ideas and discourse on new opportunities made possible by the convergence of 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing to drive transformation and growth for the next-generation of Malaysian enterprises.

Featuring speakers from global strategic partners and technology enablers Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ericsson and Nupo Ventures, the session covered actionable insights on 5G and new, transformative opportunities for Malaysian enterprises to accelerate innovation, drive growth, and thrive in this digital age. The session also emphasised the importance of having a robust ecosystem comprising relevant stakeholders from diverse industries for 5G to succeed.

CelcomDigi will host two more sessions for the second edition of its MY5G CEO Series this year, with notable speakers from leading technology companies such as ZTE, Huawei and more. Through such collaborative efforts, CelcomDigi aims to pave the way for more ground-breaking advancements in smart cities, digital healthcare, e-learning, and more, propelling Malaysia towards its ambition of becoming a leading digital nation, buoyed by digitalisation of industries.

At the event, Malaysia’s Digital Minister Gobind Singh Deo called upon industry players for more strategic collaborations while highlighting the government's vision for a digital nation. “We have seen many successful partnerships driving 5G development in the country. We must continue to forge ahead, to push for greater adoption. This transformative journey is critical to our national survival if we want to remain relevant and competitive. The journey towards harnessing the full benefits of 5G cannot be undertaken by the Government alone. As key players in various sectors, you can see how close collaborations with government entities can accelerate 5G adoption across a broad range of Malaysian businesses and industrial sectors.”

CelcomDigi’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Albern Murty said, “5G can make a real difference to actualise enterprise use cases – the only limit is set by our appetite to reimagine our businesses with emerging technologies. 5G gives an ‘industrial Internet’ opportunity, having the ability to connect numerous machines and applications to cloud and AI-powered services. We believe strategic partnerships to be transformation accelerators and is the reason we gather decision-makers across industry verticals to share actionable insights and create an environment conducive for potential collaboration. With our 5G for all mindset, we will continue to create new platforms to drive 5G adoption and 5G solutions development to benefit all segments of society, from consumers to SMEs to enterprises, to enable Malaysia’s digital ambitions.”

The MY5G CEO Series is part of a broader CelcomDigi MY5G Series that aims to support Malaysian enterprises of all sizes to digitalise their business. The company will be organising other programmes such as a series of hands-on digital workshops designed for micro, small, and medium Enterprises (MSMEs) across several states nationwide. These digital workshops provide opportunities to SMSEs to learn and identify suitable 5G and digital solutions for them to start their digitalisation journey. CelcomDigi will also host a large scale 5G business conference and tech showcase in Kuala Lumpur later this year, to inspire corporate Malaysia and large SMEs to advance their transformation agendas with 5G.

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