AXA AFFIN appoints Digi’s Omni Hotline as its preferred virtual office phone provider

Press Release
November 26, 2019

SUBANG JAYA, 27 November 2019 – Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) announced that AXA AFFIN Life Insurance (AXA AFFIN) has selected Omni Hotline as its preferred virtual office phone provider, as part of its effort to become a more digital and agile workforce.

AXA AFFIN is using Omni Hotline to power over 150 office phone extensions for employees who are now empowered with the freedom to use their own mobile phones for work calls. With this move to Omni Hotline, AXA AFFIN has migrated from physical desk phones and complex on-site PABX hardware to a more flexible virtual office phone system.

Omni Hotline’s intuitive call management services give AXA AFFIN the means to become the preferred employer of choice amongst millennials. AXA AFFIN plans to enable every employee with their very own office phone extension through the Omni Hotline mobile app on their personal mobile phones. With Omni Hotline’s call routing feature, AXA AFFIN employees are able to make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls from a single universal, shared office number. One key objective of the company’s agile workforce strategy is to enable employees to attend to their customers on-the-go, regardless of their physical location. This prevents missed calls, lost business opportunities and ultimately increases customer satisfaction. AXA AFFIN also intends to leverage Digi’s nationwide telecommunications services to reduce the cost of maintaining a PABX system and to reduce the cost of making local and international calls.

Rohit Nambiar, Chief Executive Officer, AXA AFFIN Life Insurance says, “In today’s constantly changing digital environment, our customers are also becoming more discerning and their demands have evolved –hence the need for us to evolve as well to stay ahead of the game. At AXA AFFIN, we are constantly exploring digital innovations to serve our customers more efficiently and improve our internal operations at the same time. Omni provides us with the ease of mind that we will not miss any important calls and that our customers will be provided the best service that we can offer.”

Digi’s Chief Digital Officer, Praveen Rajan agrees, “Through Digi’s digital solutions, we aim to connect our customers to what matters most. For AXA AFFIN, this meant equipping their employees with a cost-effective communications tool to help with their daily operations. Mobility and connectivity mustgo hand in hand in today’s digital workplace. By empowering the workforce with Omni Hotline, we are helping the company achieve higher productivity and better internal engagement, thus allowing the teams to focus on creating more satisfied customers in the long run.”

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