Article - Wash Hands? Checked. But What About Your Phones?

Press Release
March 27, 2020

Mobile gadgets have become a mainstay in our lives. As Malaysians are adapting to changes to our way of working, our devices become all the more important because it is our means of connecting with others without the need to be physically present. We are now learning and working from our laptops or on our phones constantly to keep ourselves entertained and connected to what matters most.

As we spend more hours on our phones, the focus has turned to maintaining our hygiene, especially as scientists suggest that your mobile phones could carry ten times more bacteria than most toilet seats 1! With us keeping our devices so close, there’s a likelihood of any bacteria, virus or germs that are on the devices transferring to our skin.

Before you leap for the nearest rag to scrub your phone down, here are some tips to keep your devices clean the right way.

1. Baby wipes are not just for babies, they’re good for wiping phones too!
If it’s gentle enough to be used on babies, then it is good to be used on your phones too! Use baby wipes or a microfiber cloth with mild soap to wipe your device down while it is unplugged. Spray the cleaners onto the cloth instead of straight on your device to avoid excess moisture. Paper towels might be too abrasive and could scratch your screens, while alcohol-based disinfectant wipes could possibly strip the coating off your devices. Do also look up instructions for your specific device type as different devices offer different cleaning recommendations. Don’t forget to clean your case too if you’re using one!

2. Wash your hands often

It goes without saying that the best practice to keep your devices clean is to have your hands clean in the first place. After disinfecting your devices, maintain the cleanliness by washing your hands often with soap. Refrain from touching your eyes, nose or mouth while using your devices to avoid the transfer of any germs and bacteria.

3. Giving your phone a bath is not a good idea

Got the latest model of smartphone that is advertised as water-resistant? Great! But… if you choose to give it a daily bath, do so at your own risk! Putting your phone under running water risks getting water into the ports, which means that you have to wait for them to dry before you can safely charge your device. So, how about playing it safe – moisten a cloth with hand or face soap and gently wipe your phone. Be sure to wipe it down again to get rid of the soapy bits and to thoroughly dry it.

4. Bringing your phone into the bathroom is also not a good idea

Have a habit of answering both nature’s call and your phone call in the bathroom? You might want to think carefully before you do it again. Using your mobile devices in the bathroom risk exposing them to unwanted and harmful matters like fungal spores and E.coli. And after you’re done with your business in the bathroom, you move on to prepare food in the kitchen, along with your devices in your hand –this creates more chances for cross-contamination. So, how about putting your phones aside and truly enjoy a few minutes of quiet time while you’re in the bathroom?


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