ARTICLE – Tips to Be Mentally Resilient: MCO Edition

Press Release
April 16, 2020

Today, people around the world are adapting to the new normal and staying at home to do our part to flatten the COVID-19 curve. During this season, taking cue from the experts, it is important to focus on being socially connected even when we’re apart, and to be mindful to take care of our physical as well as mental wellbeing.

Here are some simple tips on how we can protect our mental health and uplift our spirits.

1. Take things one day at a time

Try not to think too far into the future. Remember that these are temporary measures and we are not alone. Acknowledge small wins whether it is getting a work task done or cleaning out your closet because an accomplishment, however small, contributes to a positive mental state.

2. Choose to read and share accurate information

While it’s good to stay informed, be sure to get your news from credible sources. You can do this by filtering your search and limiting how much you read within the day. When sharing content, keep in mind to share the good. Be mindful and practice good internet behaviour, the Yellow Heart way.

3. Stick to a balanced routine

Maintaining a balanced routine helps to preserve a sense of order. For adults, create clear distinctions between work and non-work time, especially in both the physical workspace and mental head space. For children, plan an online schedule for e-learning to balance screen time. Many companies are offering digital learning activities, and there are some digital resources out there that cater to adults too!

4. Reach out and stay socially connected

There are many digital and social platforms available today so make use of those to stay connected and check in on loved ones. Staying connected to your social groups provides familiarity, solidarity and comfort; and with technology, distance will soon be a thing of the past!

5. Take care of your body, mind, and soul

Staying active both physically and mentally helps with stress management and contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Be sure to balance between working out a sweat and engaging in mentally stimulating activities such word games to nourish the mind. Remember to also eat healthy, hydrate, clock in enough sleep and open the windows for a breath of fresh air.

These are just a few tips to help you maintain a healthy mind during these times. If you feel that you need additional support, you can always reach out to friendly experts. Calls to community support helplines such as Befrienders (03-79568144 or 03-79568145) and Talian Kasih (15999 or WhatsApp 019-2615999) are free-of-charge on Digi’s network. Remember there is always help available when you need it and we can all get through this together!

More reading material: World Health Organisation’s (WHO) guide on how to cope with staying at home