All New Digi Prepaid NEXT offers 30 days high-speed internet from RM15

Press Release
June 21, 2020
  • Redefines the prepaid experience with instant 30-day high speed internet plan and validity
  • Flexibility to buy high-speed internet add-ons anytime from RM1
  • Simplifies the connectivity experience by using the all new Always Active internet feature to extend line validities
  • Offers the ultimate digital lifestyle with MyDigi as the one stop gateway to all benefits

SUBANG JAYA, 22 June 2020 - Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) today introduced its all new Digi Prepaid NEXT, the only prepaid starter pack in the market preloaded with a 30-day high-speed internet plan starting from RM15. This easy to start pack is aimed at customers who want the certainty of internet access and keeping their line active for a longer duration while being mindful of their spending.

The principle is easy: for the price of RM15, customers can enjoy 30 days of high-speed internet that keeps their line active for the same 30 days. Customers need only pay the same price of RM15 to renew the high-speed internet plan monthly. If customers want more internet in the month, high speed internet add-ons can be purchased from RM1. This feature of using internet to extend line validity breaks from tradition through the all new Always Active feature, where normally customers reload airtime to manage line validities, and internet add-ons have validities separate from line validities. In essence, we are providing customers an easy alternative to have an Always Active, Always Online high-speed internet experience.

Digi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Loh Keh Jiat said, “We are introducing this simple, innovative solution at a time where we understand customers are prioritising their spend while balancing their need to consistently stay connected. This all-in-one pack gives our customers a lot more value and flexibility in the form of affordable high-speed internet plans that control line validity with a single reload, and access to a truckload of benefits from high speed add-ons, easy payments to a variety of rewards and deals with MyDigi. The entire solution is convenient from the start, and this will give customers the freedom to focus on the things that matter to them during this time.”

All-New Digi Prepaid NEXT | 2 In 1 Pack With Simplified Connectivity Experience

2 in 1 pack that offers great value and a simplified connectivity experience

Digi Prepaid NEXT comes with a few 30-day high-speed internet plans customised for different customers’ internet access, social media and call usage preferences. Available from RM15, these plans are bundled with either high-speed internet plans or unlimited calls with internet plans.

To keep the line active for a subsequent 30 days, customers will only need to renew their high-speed internet plan by paying the same price as their starter pack or can opt to upgrade to any of the other plans to suit their needs at that point of time. Renewals are a rewarding experience, offering great value to customers with perks such as loyalty bonuses starting from 500MB up to 2GB, growing the longer you stay and renew with Digi.

One stop gateway for the ultimate digital experience

Powered by the MyDigi app, Digi Prepaid NEXT customers will have full access to a wide range of benefits on the app to power their digital lifestyles. Benefits include having full control of reloads and subscriptions at their fingertips, to personalised internet offers via the Box of Surprise, access to more rewards and deals from all your favourite brands on MyDigi Rewards, Republic GG gaming credits, and much, much more.

The Only Prepaid Starter Pack in the Market Preloaded with a 30-day High-Speed Internet Plan Starting from RM15

Digi Prepaid NEXT Choice of 30 Days High-Speed Internet Plan RM15 RM28 RM28 Always Active High-Speed Internet 3GB* 6GB* 4GB Always On Experience Unlimited Social
(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Unlimited YouTube & Unlimited Social
(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Unlimited Calls
(All Network) Validity 30 Days Internet Add-Ons High-Speed Internet Add-Ons from RM1 Tariff

  • Calls – All Network: RM0.10/min
  • SMS – All Network: RM0.10/SMS
  • Video Call - All Network: RM0.30/min

Plans Benefit

  • Free Basic Internet 1GB every month for life
  • Welcome Bonus of Free 20 IDD mins

Renewal Bonus Free up to 2GB High-Speed Internet for successful on-time renewal every month Reload Bonus With min. RM10 reload per week:

  • Free 100 mins Digi-Digi calls every week
  • Free IDD mins to selected countries every week

(*) Introductory Offer 50% More Internet

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